June 28, 2007

Thanks to our Studio Calico supporters!

Thank you so much for your support in this exciting venture. We completely underestimated the response we would receive and you are to thank for that. As a result of our underestimation, we sold out entirely sooner than we thought we would. Our plans in the future are to continue increasing quantities to meet the demand and hopefully sell out in days/weeks rather than minutes/hours.
That said, we had already ordered for August before Studio Calico went live, so although quantities are increased, we expect there to be a sell out rather quickly on July 28th as well (both the kit and add-ons will post at the same time). Please bear with us on that and we promise to increase the quantities much more dramatically for September moving forward.
Thanks again!


LJC said...

Thanks right back to you for putting together such wonderful kits!! I am estatic to be a member and can't wait to start getting the kits!!

Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Congrats on your popularity! Love your stuff, so happy for you!

Anilu Magloire said...

You guys are gonna have to increase the number of kits A LOT!!!!
But, I will stay up till 12am for the next kit and add on debut for sure!!
Way to go, April and Scarlet!!!