March 30, 2008

What inspires you?

Hi everyone! It's Tina and it's my week to take over the Studio Calico blog. I'm going to keep it simple this week and sort of go with the flow. I'd like to tap more into what inspires us to create our layouts, cards and artwork. I'll put up a few personal challenges this week along with a project or two that utulizes all those left over bits and peices we've saved from past SC kits.

I often read about someone going through a creative block on the SC boards. Surely we have all gone through this at some point and have our own ways of brushing the creative blahs away. My goal this week is to work together to inspire one another and keep those blahs away for good.

Let's start with listing 3 things that inspire you most. These are the things that give you that light bulb moment and make you want to get lost in whatever project you're working on.

Here's a little Flickr love on what inspires me now.

1. i love art rooms., 2. Control Z, 3. the view from where i sit (skipping lily), 4. happy coffee heart, 5. equestrian victorian blues....i always feel you 1 {i should add that it's my birthday today!}, 6. Bicycle Ride: f1.4, 7. farmers market 027, 8. cork board + back door, 9. Tamar Mogendorff, 10. desk1, 11. four leaf clover, 12. split the sky, 13. Dandilions, 14. Untitled, 15. Untitled, 16. [ long as i can see the light ], 17. Little houses, 18. Peony Underbelly

Here's the 3 things that inspire me.

1. Nature. I often pull color combos from what I see outside.

2. Music. I have to listen to my favorite tunes while I create and sometimes use song lyrics as journaling.

3. Decor. Lot's of inspiration can be found at sites like Poppytalk and Decor8.

What are the 3 things that inspire you most? Post them here or better yet, on the Studio Calico boards. I want to hear from you so don't be shy! :)

Happy Sunday,


March 29, 2008

Thanks Joy

Thanks to Joy for keeping the blog going for a whole week! (That must be a record!)

I thought she deserved to be recognized just like the rest of the design team, so here is my favorite layout from her gallery this month:

I love how she cut the cloud and deer out of the Sassafras paper, and the photo and play on words in her title are so cute!

Thanks again Joy!

March 28, 2008

Did you guys LOVE reveal night?

I had so much fun, and to commemorate I picked a favorite layout from each of the design team girls:

MG: I love these pictures, love the tree and the heart is perfect. A bit a red is a great addition to almost ANY layout.

April: I love the ingenious way she used the thickers frames to make a little trail across the middle of this layout. I love the white space and where she placed the title and journaling. This layout is so April to me, even though there are no squares in sight:)

Scarlet: I just adore these photos of Scarlet's little beauty. I really love the little circle she made with the stamps and button flowers. I really love the quilted quality of it.

Caroline: I love the way she used the Sass Lass paper as flowers. The gorgeous photos of her are a great way to show off her new do! I love her details on the journaling block too.

Christine: I think that this is a slight departure for Christine, and I love it!! I love the saturated photo of her bebe and her alteration of the Sass Lass paper. Combine all that with her signature attention to detail, and this is a PERFECT layout.

Davinie: I love layouts with photo progressions like this. The button border is adorable. Davinies signature stitching just adds the perfect touch to this awesome layout.

Kirsty: I love the way she used the deer. He is my favorite:) I love the multi cloud she made too. It looks so fun, like I just want to live in that cloud formation. The thickers are so cute on there too.

Jenn O: I must say that Jenn O. just rocked the crap out of this kit. I pretty much loved every layout she did. I had a hard time picking just one, but I did. This layout screamed look at me again. I love her perfect photo and the simple embellies just made me love this layout even harder.

Nicole H: Again, I love this photo. It is so perfect for her journaling. I love the journaling and the numbers are a GENIUS addition to this layout. I love the strips and the pearls on the photos corners, PERFECT.

Nicole S: I love how Nicole used this color pallete for a winter layout, and it works perfectly. The Thickers make perfect snowflakes and I love all the patterns that she used. This layout is perfectly adorable.

Tina: I just love love love this layout. I love the white space. I love the "retail." I love the type she used for her journaling. I love the stars. I love the detail in the stamp.

What did you guys love?

March 27, 2008

Join Us!

The fun is starting soon in the Studio Calico message board, come join the party, and bring your boyfriend:)


March 26, 2008

sneaky sneaky

The DT is being sneaky all over the world wide web..

Here's some links if you want to get a taste of Thursday nights goodies:

The team sneaks are up all over the web now...

Here's some links if you want to get a taste of Thursday nights goodies:

Nicole S.

Tina has some here and here

Nicole H.



Caroline has some here and here



and last but not least ME

Don't forget to be on the Studio Calico board before midnight eastern tomorrow night to join in the reveal night shenanigans!! I've heard tell there are going to be SEVERAL very nice RAKs tomorrow night, so you better join the fun!!!!

March 24, 2008

Studio Calico Challenge #1

So everyone likes a challenge RIGHT? RIGHT?

The DT is going to be hosting challenges here on the blog. They will be posted on a Monday and you will have a week to complete the challenge to be in the running for an SC RAK.

This week my challenge is flowers!!! Whether is is Spring where you live, or you are still just dreaming of Spring; flowers are just a great pick me up. Show me what you can do with the Making Memories flowers that came in the March Kit. If you are new to the site and don't have the Making Memories 5th Avenue flowers, just use any flowers, but the challenge is to try to use them in an interesting or different way.

Make sure you put "SC Challenge #1" in your title in the gallery.

Make sure you check back next week for the challenge winner!!!

March 22, 2008


Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Studio Calico Blog.

The DT members were invited to participate in this blog, and we are all so excited. This is Joy and I'm on blog duty this week. I'm super excited to be manning (or womaning) the blog this particular week, because this is REVEAL week. Reveal week is super exciting here at Studio Calico. Make sure you are on the message board on Thursday night at midnight Eastern to see the full reveal and order yourself some of the gorgeous April kit and add-ons that I'm playing with right now! Come early and join in the fun, Reveal Night is always a raucous affair.

This blog is going to be full of fun new things, challenges, sneaks, member spotlights and other stuff that we have in the works! Make sure that you check back frequently!

Happy Easter to you all, I will be updating again soon!

March 21, 2008

Cherry Coaster Idea

This was posted to the MB at Studio Calico, but I wanted to make sure to have a "permanent" home for it. I used the Carousel add-on combined with the main kit from March, FLY A KITE to create this LO.
At first, the coaster looked like this.....

I thought it would make a cool frame for a photograph and really accent a "rare" (so-t0-speak) vintage item. Using a pencil, I sketched where I wanted to make my incisions :), then cut using an exacto knife on a self healing mat.