January 29, 2008

Photo Unswap

Every month, I stare at the gallery in amazement, looking at how 11 other designers interpreted the same collection of supplies using their styles in many different ways. I’m awed by the intricacies of Christine Middlecamp’s LOs and how she layers so many products without the end result looking "over-done." I love how Joy Madison cuts paper in such unique ways and creates little scenes within her LOs. Nicole Harper and Tina Aszmus use paint on almost every LO, something I rarely do because it never seems to turn out quite right when I try it.

I’ve wondered what a photo and story of my family would look like if scrapped by Nicole Samuels or Davinie Fiero or Kirsty Wiseman. Now, you not only have the chance to wonder, but the opportunity to make it a reality.

If you would like a Studio Calico designer to scrap your photo, please submit the following to info@studiocalico.com by Friday, February 1.

SC username
Photo sized to 100k or less (we will request high resolution photos if
your photo is chosen)
The designers of your choice (please list your top 3 choices)

We will notify you via email if your photo is chosen no later than Monday, Feb 3. High resolution photos will be requested at that time to be emailed directly to the designer no later than Feb 5.


Anilu Magloire said...

Sent! i am so excited about this. I will be keeping my fingers crossed ;)

milkcan said...

How cool!

Michelle*G said...

Fab idea! Off to find a photo. :)

Jill said...

Aw, shucks! I just discovered this tonight.

Brandi said...

How cool is this? I wish I had seen this sooner! Hope y'all do it again sometime!