March 28, 2008

Did you guys LOVE reveal night?

I had so much fun, and to commemorate I picked a favorite layout from each of the design team girls:

MG: I love these pictures, love the tree and the heart is perfect. A bit a red is a great addition to almost ANY layout.

April: I love the ingenious way she used the thickers frames to make a little trail across the middle of this layout. I love the white space and where she placed the title and journaling. This layout is so April to me, even though there are no squares in sight:)

Scarlet: I just adore these photos of Scarlet's little beauty. I really love the little circle she made with the stamps and button flowers. I really love the quilted quality of it.

Caroline: I love the way she used the Sass Lass paper as flowers. The gorgeous photos of her are a great way to show off her new do! I love her details on the journaling block too.

Christine: I think that this is a slight departure for Christine, and I love it!! I love the saturated photo of her bebe and her alteration of the Sass Lass paper. Combine all that with her signature attention to detail, and this is a PERFECT layout.

Davinie: I love layouts with photo progressions like this. The button border is adorable. Davinies signature stitching just adds the perfect touch to this awesome layout.

Kirsty: I love the way she used the deer. He is my favorite:) I love the multi cloud she made too. It looks so fun, like I just want to live in that cloud formation. The thickers are so cute on there too.

Jenn O: I must say that Jenn O. just rocked the crap out of this kit. I pretty much loved every layout she did. I had a hard time picking just one, but I did. This layout screamed look at me again. I love her perfect photo and the simple embellies just made me love this layout even harder.

Nicole H: Again, I love this photo. It is so perfect for her journaling. I love the journaling and the numbers are a GENIUS addition to this layout. I love the strips and the pearls on the photos corners, PERFECT.

Nicole S: I love how Nicole used this color pallete for a winter layout, and it works perfectly. The Thickers make perfect snowflakes and I love all the patterns that she used. This layout is perfectly adorable.

Tina: I just love love love this layout. I love the white space. I love the "retail." I love the type she used for her journaling. I love the stars. I love the detail in the stamp.

What did you guys love?


april said...

Joy, you picked so many of my faves, too!

Ally said...

Perfect choices Joy! I have to agree about the Nerd and Retail Therapy layouts too - all of them are wonderful, but those two stuck out as two of my faves!

stephanie said...

everything. i seriously cannot even pick.

em said...

most of my faves, were your faves, too! :)

ahardy said...

as a "Recovered Stalker", (being that now I have a subscription) i think this is my *very favorite* designer gallery.

you all hit it OUTTA the BALLPARK!

Amy Coose said...

No way I can pick, they are all amazing!

Layle Koncar said...

Hi Joy. Hoping you can help me with something. I saw the layout April did on this post and loved it. I created a similar one based on her design after seeing hers. I'd like to post it on my blog, but I'd like to give April credit and link to her layout online. Would you mind sharing her email address with me so I can ask her? You can forward her my email address if you'd rather do that - Thanks for your help!