August 27, 2008

Dig out those school photos

You'll need them for tonight! The fabulous Joy Madison has decided that tonight's avatar theme should be...... bad school photos. Ugh. You know the ones. Hopefully you still have them somewhere and didn't burn them all in your teenaged angst. I'm having a hard time deciding on mine for this evening. Should I go with the slighly dazed and confused looking senior portrait? The "why didn't someone stage a hair intervention" sophomore photo? Or the totally 80's, I got the matching hair clip and plastic earrings at Claire's to play up my perm 7th grade shot?

It's a hard decision...come by the message boards tonight to see which of these horrid photos I picked AND more importantly to get your hands on don't want to miss THAT. (My photo you may want to miss! LOL) I can't wait to see your former self there...big hair and all!


Jennifer said...

Oh no... I have quite a collection of these myself. Just have to figure out where they are and how much I want to share. lol.

Scarlet said...

I love it, Nicole! #3 is my favorite :)

Laura Fiore said...

Gotta love that hair Nicole! The 80's ROCKED!!!!

Coming back later for some fun action!