October 1, 2010

Insider Tips: Misting

I have a secret to tell you. I'm a little bit scared of misting. Ok. A lot scared of misting.

See, I like things that I can easily undo. Like pulling letter stickers up once I've laid them down or re-punching a shape. But then a man entered my life. His name is Mister Huey. And he was all pretty and the other girls talked him up like he was the hottest stud. So I had to try him out.
My misting adventure started when I couldn't cut up the American Crafts lace paper from On the Easel because it was too pretty. A lightbulb went off in my head to use it as a mask so that it could stay intact.

First I gchatted Lisa and asked her oh, eighty questions. She told me to line a big box with newspaper and to set my cardstock down inside. She also advised to make sure to lightly adhere down the edges and the center so it doesn't slip around. I love a good tone on tone page, so I picked out the Applejack Mister Huey. I want to try more tone on tone misting in the future - it's such a fun look. After giving it a good spritz I let it dry for a couple minutes and then viola! I have a completely masked background.
It turned out to be so easy and not only did I have a misted background for my page, but I could also use the lace paper as a mask again and still use the lace paper on my layout (cut up if I dared!) So even a 'fraidy cat mist-er can easily do a little masking + misting... hope you'll give it a try!


chemgirl said...

Love your work, Kelly. And, I would never have guessed that you weren't a mist user. You are so talented that anything you do looks great!

Lisa Dickinson said...

just gorgeous kel. i love the tone-on-tone look!

Bérangère DENIS said...

Oh mon dieu, c'est sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!

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