April 11, 2008

my final post for the week...

is all about paint.
(surprise, surprise)

there are still so many people out there who are afraid of it...or just aren't sure what to do with it. the answer is simple...

play!! on this layout from the January kit (my most fave one EVER...) i used it 3 different ways. here are a few ideas...

  • underneath a title to highlight it
  • to draw subtle attention to a clear acrylic embellishment
  • to change up the color of something you want to use but isn't the right color
  • to use around the edge of a page
  • to switch up the look of chipboard

basically, i use it for just a hint of color. it's probably the cheapest way to spruce up a jillion layouts (averaging $1 per bottle, and you can use it over and over...a little goes a long way) and the color ranges are ridiculous as far as choices! i do like the Making Memories paints...they have less water so they are a bit thicker and dry faster. but i have probably 35 bottles of other brands that i turn to all the time as well. (Delta CeramCoat, Folk Art, etc.) one tip is to use a light hand when applying...it definitely lowers your chance of buckling your paper. more often than not i just take a foam brush (stock up whenever Michael's has them 15/$1.00...just bought $5 worth this evening since they're on sale!), dip it into the paint and dry brush wherever i want it. you can always go over it again with another coat if it didn't cover well enough the first time...but the more erratic/imperfect it is, the better (in my opinion, lol).

hope you may have learned a thing or two this week...i had fun posting! and don't forget that SNEAK PEEK NIGHT IS THIS SUNDAY!! the sneaks will post at MIDNIGHT EST, but the fun is guaranteed to start way before then.

enjoy your weekend!!!


moonlightgrrl said...

January's kit was my favorite one EVER, too! And I also love paint!!

Greta said...

This is a gorgeous layout Nik - those butterflies are perfect on here. Thanks for all the tips!

karen akaliz said...

love this layout...the hint of blue on the butterflies against the black is killer!