April 27, 2008

Reveal Night, Reveal Yourself!!

It's Reveal Night at Studio Calico, quite possibly the most anticipated night of the month...the night you get to see what's in the entire kit/add ons, the night you get to see the new designer gallery, the night you stay up late just hoping to snag the add on that caught your eye, the night where revelry and hilarity abound.
Reveal night is super cool because it's the night that we meet a lot of new people!! Members just joining, people coming out of lurkdom for the first time and people that maybe don't post much otherwise. On reveal night we laugh. A LOT. The threads move pretty fast, but you shouldn't be scared, you can hop in anywhere!! Sometimes, we bring dates...as in our favorite movie star crush of the moment. My favorite moment is seeing what fellow design team members have done with the exact same items I got and marveling over their creativity and art processes, they. are. amazing.
If you're just joining us, although you need no formal invitation, I'm inviting you to come be a part of reveal night. I promise you won't find a better group of people to hang out with, it will make the staying up part easy!
If you've been to reveal night many a time, I hope you'll be joining us again...I have a little request for you on Reveal Night, I want you to dress up for the event!! Change your avatar and surprise us with your new look, make it funny, make it festive, make it Joyful (that's a pun in case you haven't noticed the zany-ness of Joy Madison's avatar). I can't wait to see you there!

Reveal Night. Reveals happen at Midnight E.S.T. tonight, Sunday, April 27th. Party in the forums whenever you sign in!


Tina said...

omg....I love this idea!!

april said...

this will be so much fun!!!! I can't wait!