November 5, 2008

Early November

As a kid growing up in the United States, I always looked forward to Election Day. It meant my birthday was coming up. I used to believe that my birthday fell on Election Day, but now that I know how the day is selected (first Tuesday in November), I realize my birthday never could have fallen on the actual day. But I do remember anxiously looking forward to the day our country chose a President.

This is not the place to discuss the outcome of the race, but I need to mark this occasion in some manner. I'm deeply touched at the historic nature of this race. To have the all options we did as Americans in this one election was truly humbling. It makes me proud. It makes me happy that I got to be a part of the election process. And no matter whether you agree or disagree with the choice, I hope we can support our new President and move forward.

Now, on to gift giving!

Today's post I wanted to focus on gift card holders. I made one a few months back and was honestly surprised at how easy it was to make, and how cute it turned out. For this one, I took apart a pillow envelope I'd received from Bed Bath and Beyond, traced it, scored it, and then glued together. Top it off with a ribbon bow and a quick tag, I was happy with the results.

I wanted to try a few more variations on it. So I searched the DIY Channel and found this really cute hanging holder. I made my version, it didn't turn out quite like I had imagined, but you get the idea. You can print off a template if you go to the article, trace it onto your patterned paper, cut out, score the lines (i used a stylus and a mouse pad), then fold everything and glue. I have never claimed to be embellishment savvy. this is proof. :) But you get the idea. Hang it on the doorknob and you have a cute way to present a gift card or small item.

And finally, a small envelope for the gift card is really easy to create. I cut a strip of paper 3 inches by 9 inches, folded, stitched, added a button and ribbon, then inserted the card. The button makes a heavy enough closure, but you can add a little bit of repositionable adhesive if you'd like.

Our birthday still hasn't been guessed correctly...ETA: cass got it! Our birthdays are Nov 8th!

And here's my layout based on Janine's sketch. I used pictures with German in them to honor her :) From my trip to Switzerland last summer.


Cass said...

Could your birthdays be on the 8th? And Emily will be 37 and Janine will be 32.

Svala said...

I think your birthdays are on the 7th, just like mine!

ConnieC said...

I'm off to check out that hanging gift card holder. It looks like the perfect way to give my nieces and nephews their gift card.

And I think you birthdays are Nov 15, just like mine.

Emily Pitts said...

cass got it!

Amos said...

Still trying to get my jaw off the floor before moving forward. Love the gift card holder.

Mandy said...

Those are beautiful Emily!
I was going to guess the 8th or 9th do either of you have any big plans for your Birthdays?

april said...

love the gift card holders!!!! I'm going to try to make one on the 3x9"

Zorina said...

thanks for sharing that gift card, we're all getting ready for the holidays!

advance HB also to both of you.

Laura Fiore said...

And here is my layout based on that sketch:

Happy Birthday to both of you!!!

Janine Langer said...

Wow, Emily, those are so beautiful! I am so going to lift that hanging holder. And I am so in love with your sketch layout, it's perfect!! :)