November 11, 2008

quickie christmas card ideas

if you're like me, you're a procrastinator. you also have the best of intentions. you also might be a bit too ambitious. last year, i had a plan - i was going to make each person a one-of-a-kind, handmade christmas card. i was going to work on one a day, starting in mid-november, and by the time mid-december rolled around, i would have a nice collection of handmade cards.

well, december 15 rolled around and i had only made a grand total of one card. i still wanted to make my own cards. what was a girl to do?

after brainstorming for a bit, i came up with these:

my time-saver here were punches and using digital elements. i simply printed the trees onto sticker paper, punched them out, punched the lace cardstock out, and adhered them to a card (which are pre-made and sold at target). i also printed out the label words onto sticker paper, trimmed them, and also stuck them on the card. easy peasy. i was able to complete a bunch in a short amount of time.

today, i came up with these two quick ideas, also using punches. punches are your best friend when you are trying to do quick cards!

this is a pretty simple card. i cut out scalloped squares from patterned paper, and arranged them into a grid. i then used strips cut from word paper as my greeting. this is another time saver! no need to stick down stickers or rub-ons, or stamp on your sentiment! it's a really quick way to get your message on the card, especially when you are making cards in bulk. you could also use text that you printed out.

here, i pieced together a tree using small punched circles. i used two patterns, and alternated them with each row. i topped my tree with a small snowflake cut out from KI lace cardstock. i also used strips of word paper here.

i hope this starts you off with some ideas for some christmas cards - both for those of you who want to start their card-making early, and for those of you who are reading this on december 15! :)


Kimberly said...

I was not going to make Christmas cards this year...but I am getting the BUG now! lol

Emily Pitts said...

they are really cute c.

{VICKI} said...

love the tree card

april said...

the tree is my favorite, too!

Anonymous said...

super cute ideas caroline! and i love all the lil bits of ki there! :)

Angela W said...

I love them all! I will be attempting to make my own cards this year. Thanks so much to the great ideas! I'm sure they'll be very helpful!