May 8, 2008

anybody out there a logophile?


I love words. I love using big words, and I love learning new's a few sites I frequent:

I go here almost every day to figure out how to spell a word...on top of knowing big words I like to spell them right:D

If you are trying to spice up your journaling this is the place to go.

word a day emails

Want to expand your vocabulary? This is the place to do it...they'll send you a word every day to increase your word knowledge.


Are you a scrabble player? Do you have a Facebook page? This is a great scrabble like game you can play with people all over the facebook community. Start games with your friends or with total strangers.


With a name like free rice, how could this be about words, but this is my favorite word game site. The premise is this: for every word that you define correctly, the site donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Fund. I play this game obsessively some times

Crossword Puzzle

I also love online crossword puzzles...they are great at expanding vocab. I cheat a little and look things up online, but its a fun way to learn vocab and culture references at the same time.


april said...

my sis showed me the free rice site a while ago, and I played. pretty cool actually!

Candice P.J. said...

omg i LOVE scrabulous... I play all day long at work and it is taking over me life!!!

ps. who won that 6mo subscription?

april said...

candice, drewsmama and one of her friends did

Kimber-Leigh said...

i love the free rice site too!