May 12, 2008

Mom's Day cards Galore!

Thanks to my girls for participating in my last minute card challenge! I really appreciate and was impressed by those who participated in this challenge. A special shout out to my fellow DT members who don't all care to create cards! lol I appreciate that you gave it a go.

I saw a lot of great cards in the gallery and thought I'd share the DT cards because I think they gave a lot of great ideas that can be transferred to future layouts.
Of course, April's card was brilliant. She also posted a tutorial on her blog on how she covered those cool Cosmo Cricket blackboard gears. I am very inspired by this one!

This is one of three cards from Joy. Love the stitching over these patchwork squares.

Another fun twist to the patchwork look is what Caroline did with her card. Delicious.

Here's another card from Joy. Look at that flower! Brilliant!

Look at this last one from Joy. Love the stitching. The butterfies! Look at their stapled bellies! Love this idea.

Jenn's card is simple, but full of great ideas. Look, more patchwork squares. Love the scallop border too. Don't have enough O's? Use a chipboard element. Very nicely done, Jenn!

Look what Nik did! I am so proud of Nik. She doesn't like to make cards, but humored me anyway. And look... it's brilliant. LOVE the stitching, and I just love that she used the word Mama. It just adds to the sweetness of this card.

Last but certainly not least is Nic. My challenge was late so she had already mailed her Mom day cards, so she created a friend card. Hey, maybe she'll send it to me! lol Anyway... I love how she filled in the blackboard. Love the green, LOVE the buttons, and I love how she didn't tie off all the buttons. Just a couple. I'm also a big fan of the threading she uses. It doesn't look like DMC floss to me. What is it Nic? This card is simple and super cute.

Before I post the winner of the challenge, I wanted to post my favorite entry from the challenge. I just think this one is SO cute.

Denise. Sweet Denise. This just rocks! First, you need to check out the whole thing in the gallery. It's multi page! Secondly... LoVe the stitching and the scallop border. And I love that you used the chipboard peeps as a template for your paper. This way you can use them over and over again. I just think this card is oh so sweet. So thank you for playing, Denise.

Okay..... Morgan is at school, so I had Payton draw a name. And of course... the poor thing had sticky fingers and drew two people. That is fine by me, because I really, really appreciate all who participated at the last minute. So I've decided to buy Top Ramen for the month for two lucky subscribers. lol The winners are:




Woot! Ally, your kids are old enough to fix their own ramen, so you have the month off from cooking duties! Maybe next year they will make YOU a card.
Waleska... looks like you were the very first to participate in the challenge, so this is fitting.

Thank you girls! Sneak night is only a day or two away, so you can get an idea of what add-ons you want to apply your $5 to!

Thanks again for playing along! Y'all rock!




Denise said...

Davinie, thank you so much for your compliments. WOW...I am blushing over here. Definitely a dead give away for my boss to know I am not working. LOL!

Thank you again for your kind words.

Joy Madison said...

:) love all the guys rocked it out!

Ally said...

Ohmygoodness! Really? ME!? Whoot whoot! Thanks so much for the fun D.! And you're right - I should make them eat Top Ramen from now until next Mother's DAY!

april said...

congrats ladies!!!!