May 8, 2008

A Mother's Day Challenge!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it seems to me it would be a perfect opportunity for a Mother's Day Card challenge. Even if you've used your kit for 14 layouts, a mini album, and a wall hanging for your entryway, you will still have a little something left to make a card with.

I know we've only got a few more days until Mother's Day, and I apologize. I've been sick as a dog, but you can hear that when I type, can you? Let's just say the snot cometh and it's been almost two weeks since I've heard my normal voice. Anyway....

I challenge you to use a previous kit to make a Mother's Day card. Just upload it to the gallery at SC and link it here on the blog. Make one for your MIL too and you'll have 2 entries. For each card you make I'll enter you in the drawing. Early Monday morning, because my kids don't believe in letting Ma sleep long past the sun's arrival on the horizon, Pacific Time, I'll have Morgan draw a name. That lucky winner will win a $5 gift certificate to SC. Doesn't seem like much, but it could buy you a gallon of milk and a case of Top Ramen noodles so you don't feel guilty about buying just one more add-on on Reveal night. And believe me, you are going to want to buy another add-on for the June kit. Have you SEEN the clue thread? Some delicious guesses there, I must say. :)

Easy enough? I'll be back to post a card or two with a previous kit to give you some inspiration. I'm going to challenge the other DT girls to create something and we'll post those too. Let's make Mom a handmade card. For goodness sakes, make your own card and have the kids sign and give it to you on Sunday, because you deserve it!

Davinie :)


walesk said...

I just posted my card. a simple one using April's kit :)

ricanlaw said...

I used In Session.

Denise said...

Here's mine. I used the Red Carpet and Newstand kit.

CC said...

Here's 2 cards.

And this one is for a real good friend. She has children older than me, so my husband and I call her "Maw". DH picked flowers to go with this one.