May 15, 2009

Scarlet's Creative Q & A

Happy Friday all! :) I can't do the fancy format like Jenn did with April's answers I'm going to first post 5 of my favorite Scarlet layouts/projects (which were so stinkin' hard to choose - I mean, how do you pick just 5?!) and then I'll share her answers to our interview questions.

So, Scarlet's layouts... I just love her style. I've been a silent scrap stalker of hers for a while. Way back before SC came about. I love to see how she used product, how she comes up with such interesting, fresh designs, and how she combines patterns on her pages. Here are some of the pages I kept going back to while perusing her gallery here and at 2peas.
First, I had to include just one of her non-layout projects. Her mini books are always so gorgeous and her sewing projects...amazing. Here's a little inspiration notebook that I just adore!
Then I needed an example of her amazing hand-stitching. Look at this page.... WOW!

And then I just picked a few more that I love. These are from older kits or not from kits at all. But I had fun going back through her galleries the past couple years to see all the eye candy in there!

And here are Scarlet's answers:
What’s your favorite color combo right now?
I am totally in love with yellow right now, so my favorite color combo is yellow, green, and aqua, with a dash of orange or pink :)

What's your best organizational tip?(for scrapping supplies, obviously!)
Me... organized? Ha! I use a wooden flatware tray in a drawer to organize the essentials that I reach for most often... liquid and dry adhesives, journaling pens, corner rounding punches, craft knife and paper piercer, acrylic blocks, stamp cleaner, etc. It's nice to always be able to find those things without having to search too hard!

What product or line are you most excited about right now?
I am really excited about our Studio Calico exclusives. Designing and manufacturing our own products gives us the opportunity to look at our favorite products on the market and enhance them even more with our own personal flair. How cool is that?

Do you keep any type of inspiration notebook or journal to jot down your ideas? If so, can we get a peek?!
I guess you could say that I keep an inspiration journal of sorts, but it's not really anything worth looking at. It doesn't have photos or sketches or anything else that would be considered visually pleasing. It's more like a collection of notes or lists that I jot down while I'm browsing through books or surfing the internet. Mostly journaling prompts and thought-provoking questions. I love the Creative Therapy prompts, so that is a list that I update regularly. In fact, I just took a break to do that right now ;)

How do you feel your style and scrapbooking has evolved since you started?
When I very first started, I was using Stampin' Up! products almost exclusively because I was an independent demonstrator. I still love to stamp, but now I love patterned paper and all the other fun embellishments more. I would say that my style has simplified over the last couple of years. I find myself using a lot of straight lines and putting fewer "things" on my layouts. More than ever before, I am creating more layouts about myself and my personal feelings, as a form of creative therapy.

Describe your ideal studio.
Hmm. My ideal studio. As long as it came with a maid to clean up after me, I would be a very happy girl. Seriously... bright cheerful walls, lots of uncluttered work spaces, plenty of functional yet pretty storage options, a window view of a flower garden, and an espresso machine... dreamy :)

What’s in your photography gear bag?
My camera is a Canon 30D and my favorite lens is the 100mm f/2.8 macro. I also have a 50mm f/1.4 and a 28-135mm IS. My 50mm is semi-broken, which makes me very sad, but I am so thankful for my 100mm macro. It's really heavy, though!

Any other hobbies you have that are not related to scrapbooking?
I have two new hobbies... reading and gardening. I've read five books so far this year, which is a record for me. Usually it's more like one book in five years. Ha! I have always loved browsing through books for inspiration, but reading novels is a brand-new pleasure for me. I also recently discovered a love for gardening and outdoor work, which is pretty much the polar opposite of my previous indoor-hibernating self.

Do you keep a gallery on any other websites besides Studio Calico?
I still have a gallery at Two Peas, but I haven't updated it in a very long time. So don't go look at it ;)


*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, I loved these! I love finding out more about Scarlet. :)

Kim said...

Would love to know what books Scarlet has read that she enjoyed ;)
Thanks for these Q & A posts...I admire Scarlet and April from afar.