May 18, 2009

The world in our eyes

Each and everyone one of us has a different view on the world.
Some of us wear rose tinted glasses and some of us see the world for what it is.
But when we see the world through a camera it becomes a consuming obsession to make it appear creative, mystical, abstract, dramatic, calm and whole plethora of other artistic adjectives.

Tina Azmus and I want to share our world though our cameras "eyes" this week in ways that will test your photographic skills and thus promoting a unique catalogue of pictures that can reflect your personality/emotions in a single snap. Im so excited because Tina's photos are awe inspiring, for me alone, as it is :)

So. This weekend gone by I went to test out my new camera whilst out for a walk with my mini Dachs, Eddy. I was in a particularly bad mood which forced me to lose my patience. That meant that I didn't want to wait around and faff with my settings (I usually shoot in manual). Instead I set my camera to Aperture priority, got down low, angled my camera, clicked and hoped for the best.

Im positively delighted with the results of our woodland walk pictures and will probably scrap these to journal recent emotional events because had I not of been feeling that way, I don't think id have had the notion to try out these perspectives with so much zest.

At this point of my walk it was sunny and I wanted to sap up the cheery feeling of this flower.I wanted to feel as calm as the lake
I wanted to feel clean of any bad feeling
It felt good to be nestled amongst bright, sunny flowers besides a dirt track
I wanted to stretch out and go to a place where I could shake off the anger
And I felt re-energised the moment we set off to go back home.

The lesson I learned was not only to appreciate jaunty and angular shots but also a novel way of coaching myself to use more journalling as I am really bad at expressing myself on layouts. Its about time I vented those feelings by producing a mini which I shall share with you towards the end of this week.

You will totally begin to appreciate the world through my eyes and so Im wondering if you might care to join in with me so I can see the world through your eyes? Perhaps take a walk in your garden, down your street, in your workplace - wherever; and relish the mood you are in. If you're grouchy, giddy, calm, nonplussed - anything, Im certain you will find things to photograph to reflect your mood. You don't have to make a mini, perhaps a page will do. All participants will be in with a chance to win a free 6 class download based on Design principles which works with all manner of mediums including scrapbooking, photography and card making.


Christi Snow said...

What a beautiful post, Kirsty! Both in the photos and the words. smiles...

Beth Perry said...

Awesomeness....all of it..the photos, the journal, the journey, the challenge....pure awesomeness.

*reyanna klein* said...

This is a great idea! Awesome. :)

Dalon said...

this is a wonderful post - thank you so much for sharing! and for the reminder of what truly is important ... yes, we all take tons of photos, but why? what do they all mean? obviously a birthday celebrates another year, but expressing emotions and feelings is important also - now where is my journal anyway??? ;-)

Mary Jo said...

Those photos are absolutely lovely.