February 17, 2009


i know that one of the roadblocks that i hear people talk about quite often is the task of assigning a title to their projects. now, while i have no definite resolution to this problem, i have noticed a few layouts from our Member's Gallery that incorporate some of my own tricks...so i wanted to highlight them.

this page from Waleska shows the easiest title ever...and often the most effective. let your words serve not only as your title, but as your journaling. sometimes this trick works just perfectly...as this layout shows.being creative with your titles doesn't necessarily mean only the words you choose, but it often has to do with how you use those words. Linda Sobolewski 'framed' her journaling with her title...and draws you into this layout by doing so.
another clever and easy peasy way to come up with a title...let an embellishment to the talking for you!! Denise (Nichoda) used a pre-printed tag from a kit to spur this page along...and it was also a great jump start for her journaling.

giniew used another favorite trick of mine...she highlighted a single word in a product that she was using to enhance her title. then she cut the paper out just right so that it was prominent on the cover of her mini album.

now, sometimes a BIG BOLD title is just what you need...as shown here by gluestickgirl (Lisa T.). her title not only draws your eye immediately, but it stresses the fun of this page.

Kimberly saw the potential of one of her Studio Calico stamps as a title all by itself...

luna 0720 chose to use an embellishment as the prominent part of her title...another trick to use if you're ever stuck!

i'll often also read back through my journaling and pick out a word or two that kind of sums up my feelings and use that as my title...sometimes plopping the title right in the midst of your journaling can really get the point across.
bottom line?
all of your projects have a story.
but it's often your title that supports that story.
so don't sweat it...and before you know it, your titles will be jumping right off of your pages.


moonlightgrrl said...

what a fabulous post! and i love all the layouts you chose!

titling is often the most difficult thing for me, so thanks for this, Nik :o)

Jenni said...

Love all these great examples and ideas...thanks!!!

Mary Jo said...

Great examples!! :0)

Anonymous said...

great tips and samples. thanks for the inspiration, Nik. - hera

Angela W said...

Thanks so much! I always get stuck on a title, but I just end up basically saying what the pic is about. Those are great layouts ladies!

Kimberly said...

What a fun posts...no different than always...Thank you too for picking one of mine for this too. Love ya! *muah*PS...my kids thought this was extra special too! :)))

Kimberly said...

Love this inspiration for titles. Thanks.

karen m. (akaliz) said...

yay! love all the layouts. perfect examples!

Shanz said...

Love it! Well said indeed! :)

*reyanna klein* said...

Beautiful layouts from the member gallery! Love these! Great ideas too, Nicole! Way to go. :)

april said...

wow! what amazing LOs in this post. thanks for highlighting them for us!