February 20, 2009

Funny Stuff

This could be considered everyday journaling in some households, but I love to feature the funny stuff that my kids say in my pages. Writing that just now made me think maybe I should scrap some of the funny things that I've done, or things that make me laugh... Anyway, back to the topic. When I think of funny, there are a few scrappers here at SC that immediately come to mind. They just have the knack of telling a story that can make me laugh. So with further ado, here are some ways to do funny:

You can tell by her avatar that Karen (naturemomm) is one funny lady. Perusing her gallery confirmed it for me. When I asked her what her process was for capturing the funny, she responded with the following:

For me, my best pages come from real life moments that I take the time to jot down, like the coffee pot page. It was something I wanted to document, so I took the photo on purpose to create the page. Not that the sentimental, "my kids are so sweet and my dh is so thoughtful" thoughts aren't great to document also, but the everday, funny, things just seem to scrap themselves! The writing flows just as if I were retelling the story to a friend while chatting. And these kinds of pages never cease to get a chuckle whenever someone looks at the scrapbooks.

I think if you click on the picture, it will open a bigger version and you can read the journaling just fine that way.

Another gal that always manages to bring a smile to my face is Denise, although I still call her Nicoda... She's very in touch with her funny side and uses it for good. Here's what she said about adding humor to your pages:

I am journaling challenged. It is the one part of every layout that makes me struggle, but I do it. I do it, because of peer pressure and because I know at some point someone will want to know the story behind the photos or what I think/feel about them. Since most of my layouts are for my nephews and niece, I know my side of the story will be different from their mom and dad's. I want them to know they weren't always pain in the behinds despite what their mom and dad say. Well, I am kidding about that part a little. I journal, because I want them to know that they are loved and that l enjoy every moment with them - even when they chase me with toads.

I think those nephews and niece are pretty lucky kids. Head over to Denise's gallery, you'll find quite a few great examples of humorous pages. I was going to highlight this one, but when I saw "Selective Hearing" I changed my mind. How could I not love a lift of my work? :)

And I tried really hard not to double peg any one scrapper for this week's blogging, but I think a post on funny without mentioning Gillian (justg) would just be wrong. Especially after what happened to her today concerning Starbucks. I know we'll be seeing a layout based on her thread.

This layout cracks me up, not only because of the picture, but how Gillian did the journaling. Like Ally said, "I think when you look up the word funny on dictionary.com, it links you to anything that g does - layouts, blogging, she's so very funny."

And justem, well again I'm sorry to double peg, but Emily definitely has a way with the humor. Read this and see if you agree:

Last double peg Hera captured a great photo and the words that make you crack a smile:

I put out a call for others that thought they had some funny layouts, I was happy to get such a wide variety of links to funny. kathyb's gallery definitely made me smile a few times, but she wanted to highlight this layout about her son. I love how kids see things! You'll have to go check out her layout called "Work" as well. I had to smile when I read the journaling.

Journaling says:
Chocolate Tomato Sauce=brown sauce! As your mother I love watching you grow and learn, desperately trying to make sense of the world we live in. We had fish and chips for dinner in town. You were looking at all the different sauces, asking "what that?" I said brown sauce and you said, "No mommy, it's chocolate tomato sauce!"

saracicle's link got an actual laugh out of me. I love it when we can see the humor in an otherwise frustrating situation. Thanks for the smile Sarah!

's Ode to the LBD was a funny look at the numerous pictures she found of herself wearing the same dress. You have to admire the thrifty nature of college life!
You'll have to click on the link to see the entire album, but here's the cover page.

Sometimes all you need to crack up is the picture.

Anna Sigga pointed me to this layout as an example:

And Elisa linked me to this as another example:

And finally, even if you claim not to be funny in your journaling, you can add funny to your life in the form of cards. Loved this one by Ally(scrapally), who claims not to be funny.


gillian said...

That magazine you'll be writing for is one very lucky publication, Em! I've SO enjoyed reading these little mini "articles" of yours! Wonderful, inspiring stuff you're putting together! I offer you humble thanks for your kind compliment, my friend. :) So nice of you to include me in people you find funny. Trust me, dahlink,..the feeling is mutual.

LOVED seeing these pages and reading the funny stories! Thanks so much for highlighting them for us!


em said...

Ha! Thanks Em :)

The full journaling of my layout (since you can't read it all) is:

November Ten, Two Thousand Seven

Dear Starbucks,

I am writing to inform you of my great dismay over your decision to introduce egg nog back into your stores on November first of this year. Okay, so yes, I did do a little dance in the store when I discovered that the egg nog was back. And yes, I did say that November first was “the best day of the whole year” because of the egg nog. But in all honesty Starbucks, I am mad at you. Why? Because my size eight jeans and I have not been together for some time now. My size eight jeans miss me. They are lonely at the bottom of my closet. They want me back! And gosh darn it, how am I supposed to reunite with them when I will be forced to face the temptation of egg nog chai for the next two months??? So tell me Starbucks? Did you think about that when you decided to bring back the greatest drink of all time two months before Christmas? I think not.

Emily Spahn

Ally said...

Oh my - Em, that journaling is a stitch! Very funny indeed! And Ms. Pitts, I appreciate the nod to the funny :) Great compilation indeed!

ahardy said...

brilliant post emily!

hopefully i will channel some humor into my pages. (hope i can keep it clean!)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the laughs!! Fabulous post!

Sarah said...

Thanks Emily! I am glad you liked the LO! (because I like everything you do! That was your Christmas pineapple LO wasn't it? In the last trends mag?) Great article! Fun to read and straight to the point!

Kimberly said...

Ohhhh so much eye candy in this post!!! Seriously LOVE everything you have here! xoxo
Loves and blessings,

erin m said...

Thanks for pointing out some seriously funny (and inspiring) layouts. So many times I look at the overall design of the layout and may miss the important little details like journaling!
Great blog post Emily!

Beth Perry said...

THat card is my fave. Those are funny and cute projects. Thanks for sharing!

Anna Sigga said...

Those layouts are fab and ohh so funny!!

Still blushing here!!!