February 10, 2009

Green Companies

I think people are finally getting it. The things we are doing in excess are changing our planet and not for the better. I know that some people still aren't convinced, but I think that now, the majority of us are.

In this industry that survives on wastefulness, (at least hoarding right?) its been a slow turn around, but I think people are getting it. They are starting to using Post Consumer Waste Recycled paper, they are starting to use Soy based inks. They are beginning to look outside the box. I know its a trend, but I hope it stays trendy.

Here are a few companies that I know either have a recycled line, or are completely recycled. PLEASE comment if you have any others to add to the list!!!!

Piggy Tales
Boasts recycled paper, soy based organic ink

WorldWin Paper
Have some products that are 20% post consumer waste recycled. WorldWin papers also uses 100% Green-e certified wind power.

K & Company
They have produced several lines from recycled materials. This is what they say about their "Remake" line: All Remake products are printed using soy-based inks and created using sustainable manufacturing practices and recycled 100% post-consumer waste. Plus, our paper packaging is made with 100% PCW and is reusable by our printed designs that you cut out to embellish your projects. Even the clear protective bags are made from corn-based materials. The Amy Butler line also features soy based ink and PCW recycled packaging. It does not mention if the papers are printed on recycled paper.

Paper House Productions
Here is Paper House Productions Green Initiative:
Paper House's Green Initiative includes the integration of recycled content into our products and marketing materials, printing with soy-based inks and working with vendors who are FSC certified, and a widespread commitment to recycling efforts, both at home and in our tradeshow booths. We are also helping to cut back on unnecessary waste by utilizing the technology of our website and the Internet to convey information to our customers in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

October Afternoon
Is now printing with Soy Based Ink.

Die Cuts with a View
Has a stack now that says its made of 70% recycled materials.

Hero Arts
This company was mentioned in the comments as a green company by Cassi. This is what I found out on their blog:

Hero Arts we take steps to be sure our products are not only handcrafted to the highest standards and use only the most inspiring designs, but are also kind to the environment.This isn’t just something we say. It’s something we practice: from solar panels, to sustainable materials, to energy efficiency, to recycling. And more then that, it is something that I am personally passionate about. It is something that is very important to me. Just like the culture of family at Hero Arts, being environmentally-friendly is a central part of what we do.

I also found this somewhere else:

Did you know?

Hero Arts is Going Green???

- Hero Arts stamps are all handmade in the U.S.A.

- Hero Arts uses Solar power for their operations.

- The clear design stamps are made from photopolymer

which is biodegradable and classified as an organic material....

Fancy Pants:
Their Kraft Kuts line is made from 100% recycled materials.

If you know of any others please leave a comment and I'll add to my list!!! Watch tomorrow evening for examples from the Design Team.

hi card w- MM packaging

Both the pink and blue "papers" in this card is from the Making Memories Passport packaging.


Cassi said...

Hero Arts' packaging states they are "Green Business." I wasn't able to find anything more about it on their site. We should get them to do a bit about on their blog. I'm going to send a Jennifer McGuire a note about this now :)

Ally said...

Fancy Pants kraft line is recycled papers!

Tiffany Heilman said...

Die Cuts with a View has a Green Stack that is made with recycled paper.

Joy Madison said...

oooh, that DCWV stack was on my list, and I forgot to add it! Thanks Tiffany!

yyam said...

What about Prima? I read on their blog about their initiative to creating products and packaging that are environmentally friendly.

Anonymous said...

Pink Paislee overlays are 100% recycled and our papers have always been printed with VOC Free Soy based inks!

Add us to your list ;-)

Starr said...

I think Anna Griffin has some recycled products. Know that the sierra range is.