June 18, 2008

April's Scrap Space

I can honestly say my scrap space isn't near as colorful or as cute as Scarlet's, but I do think you'll see that it fits my style. My scrap-space is one end of our bonus room above the garage. When we were in the planning phases of the house plan, I immediately claimed this 10x12' area as mine. It has great lighting and is connected to the TV room, so I can stay in touch with what's happening at all times.

First, the view when you enter the scrap room and 2 elements that I think make my scrap-space ideal:
Next to my bookcases, there is a piece of slat-wall. I got it from my dad's bookstore, just a scrap that they were going to throw away. I snagged it, painted it white, then ordered hooks online. I used to have it organized by manufacturer, but now, I've arranged it by type of item: sticker alphas, chipboard alphas, word stickers, embellishments, bling, you get the idea.
On my shelf, I have a collection of stamps. The ones I use most often are out of the cases and in front.
Now, to my desk. Like Scarlet, I stand when I scrapbook, so I don't need a chair. Above my desk is some cool art and a magnetic chalkboard I ordered from Pottery Barn a long time ago. I got tin containers from ProvoCraft (not sure if they make them anymore) and adhered magnets to the back so they stick and I can see what's inside. Mostly brads/buttons/small items are there.
Just a view inside my most often used drawer:
And, the other side of the room: a table and 6 chairs plus some wedding photos.
Hope you all enjoyed the tour of my space and if you'd like to see more, I'll post a couple more images on my blog.


Brenda Hurd said...

love your space! The book shelves are awesome!

Anilu Magloire said...

Very you. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

great space! love that slat wall... sort of like having a little store within your space! :)

Mary Jo said...

Gorgeous space!!!
Love your giant wedding photos.