June 8, 2008

More Scraps!

How's the scrap challenge going? I heard a lot of people have their June kits! Hopefully this challenge is inspiring you to use up your kits!!!

Speaking of scraps, here is Kirsty's AMAZING book of scraps...it took her 16 pages and 41 odd hours to complete this, but it is well worth it I think!!

page 1

page 2-3

page 4-5

page 6-7

page 8-9

page 10-11

page 12-13

page 14-15

page 16


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Kirsty, it's just amazing!!!

karen akaliz said...

whoa! that is gorgeous!!!

here are two of mine...



Barb said...

I'm in love!

april said...

that album is just amazing, kirsty! I'm in awe that you kept all those scraps and were able to assemble such an amazing album using them :)