June 28, 2008

this week's posts shall be picture heavy.

because i'm a visual kinda gal.

so i have something to say on behalf of the entire Design Team here at Studio Calico...you know how you all look forward to Reveal Night? we look forward to it even more than that...if that's possible, lol. we are so antsy to see the gallery flooded with the goodness and creativity that each of our fellow DT members has thought up...how peeps used the product different, what they journaled, just basically their take on the same bag of goodies that we all received. i know for myself, there are a ton of 'a-ha! why didn't i think of that!?' moments, lol...but i just jot those ideas down for future reference and chalk it up to 12 people thinking 12 different ways. then the members start posting when they get their kits, and i have a gajillion more of those A-HA moments!!

so without further ado...here are my fave pics from last night's Reveal gallery...

Ms. Layle Koncar is simply amazing. honestly, she has been one of my fave scrappers for quite some time...and her pages always look so 'together'. i love how she used the Making Memories LabelFetti here as a border! April...this layout has me looking twice and 3 times trying to take it all in. i am amazed at how she cut the photos and paper to fit the outline of the die-cut paper, and the journaling makes me insanely jealous of her travel adventures, lol.
Scarlet...her 'Changing My Course' layout got me right in the heart...and i love that. the wonderful pic of her is perfectly fitting for the title and the way she used the LabelFetti on the left hand side to balance things out is one of those added touches that make a world of difference.

Caroline...again with the journaling! this one totally brings me back to when my husband and i met and started dating...who could ever forget the butterflies and giddiness you feel when it's all fresh and new?! her repetition of pics always catches my eye and reminds me that when you have a picture that 'speaks' to you, there isn't any better way to emphasize your point than to use a few small versions of said pic.
Davinie...with her signature stitching, Dav's layouts always jump out at me. but this time it was all of the pieces hanging off of the 'edge' of the layout that sold me. darling pic of sweet Morgan, and i am a sucker for a mixed font title.
Jenn...i am always noticing that i keep going back to Jenn's gallery every month, and her use of ribbon is just one reason why. she always manages to do something different with it...and plop a few ideas into my brain along the way.

Joy...ok. the tags trailing across the entire layout were the first thing i noticed. but after reading her journaling, it just reinforced the feeling that i already had of just how alike she and i are. we both did 'wishful thinking' travel layouts this month...kindred spirits i tell ya, lol!!
Kirsty...her simple journaling is a message i want my own daughter to appreciate. and did you notice that she hand cut the edge of that blue flower from the paper?! holy X-Acto Knife Batman!!
Nic... Nic never fails to knock my socks off. the clean colors against the crisp white background of 'Berry Sweet' just pop right off of the page...and did anyone else notice how she used the notched edge of that Making Memories paper??!! i think i want to be her when i grow up.

Steph...another kindred spirit. we both journal straight from the heart, and i find myself choking up quite often when reading her work. it touches me...whether it's about her family or herself, i always take the time to read her words. the frame filled with yummy goodness and the bow at the center are AWESOME...why don't i ever put embellishments in the center of my pages?!
Tina...being that she is the other 'typewriter junkie' on this team, i always love that she includes it on her pages. the strips of that same notched edge paper grabbed my attention...and te fact that they were sewn on is perfect.

i know everyone has their favorites. and after looking at my personal picks, i noticed that this month the die-cut papers & how everybody used them really caught my attention.

what caught yours??


Scarlet said...

Great picks, Nicole! (And you should be able to link the other two layouts now... sorry)

Paula said...

These are all stunning. I am so looking forward to my kit arriving. I love exactly what you do, how 12 people can use the same things & each one is totally unique.

joanne (spagirl) said...

very fun nicole!
jenn o's layout is what made me really want tokyo...love how she put the japanese paper BEHIND the frames!
and i loved scarlet's wedding layout... i couldn't read the journaling... she looks so happy and sooo pretty! as for yours!! i love the one with the double pic of you... and your prom layout! like the journaling over the paint!!

april said...

love that the blog is going picture-happy this week! great pics and thanks so much for your compliment of my LO

Kimberly said...

AMAZING creations...seriously fun...I can't wait to get my kit to play!

melanie said...

I'm in total love with all of April's layouts, I honestly can't pick just one. :)