March 28, 2009

Crafty Party Stuff

I was browsing the site of the queen of craftiness (aka Martha Stewart) and just had to share some of the ideas here. I mean...really. How does she (or her cohorts?!) come up with this stuff. Such fun ideas for birthday parties and any party actually.
This was the first thing that caught my eye... balloon flowers as decorations! Oh, how cute are these for a little girl's tea party or even a bridal shower? (Oh, and if you look up these on the Martha Stewart website you can get full how-to's!)
And of course, a little matching invite. This is so simple, made with just some ribbon and a hole punch, but I thought it was very sweet and could translate well onto a scrapbook page! ;)

So, after the invites and decorations, you might need some party hats to make everyone feel festive. How about these cool ones made with patterned papers and cardstock?! Think of the possibilities! And all the different themes you could use!

You can't have party hats without noise makers, so after you craft together your hats, move on to making these.... I love that you could personalize these for any theme, color scheme, age group, etc.
I've found out that kids really love the favors or treat bags that they get at the party. It's like a little perk after a fun couple of hours. :) I loved this idea for a outdoorsy, exploration, or garden fairy themed party. It's just a little piece of burlap made into a simple sack they can wear on their hip. Then a faux leaf and some acorns were hot glued on. It can be used as a collection bag in a treasure hunt or just to hold the treats. Plus it's better than a little plastic bag in that it can be used again!

And finally, this idea... I just love. And I think little kids would get a huge kick out of it too. Especially the birthday boy or girl. Instead of buying all the character or themed party supplies, make your own with some solid colored plates, napkins, etc and a b/w sticker pic of the birthday kid!

That's all for now. I had to stop browsing the 100's of ideas on her site because... well, my family wants to eat dinner. :) Be sure to check it out yourself!


casey boyd said...

Love that b/w sticker idea Nic, thanks for sharing.

Jennifer.T said...

I must admit I've been putting off going to Marthas website... I'm truly scared I may never turn the computer off and be glue to the screen and just get lost in the goodness lol.

Kimberly said...

WOW, I am so marking this...fabulous party ideas. SUPER

Anonymous said...

Love the balloons! I might have to do that one!