March 16, 2009

Organization Challenge Winners

Hey everyone,
Just a quick post to thank you all so much for all of your tips for organizing my scrap space!! I can't wait to put several of them into action over the next few weeks. I'll make sure to post to the blog and show you my progress!
Now for the important part - I wanted to post all of the winners......all of them chosen with the random number generator on

The winner of the button/trims/ribbons organizations challenge was:

Houston said...
I love the snap n' store containers, I have some that are four compartments tall and they lock together and have a handle on the lid so I can pick it up and take them with me! They are clear so you can see what you have, which is always a plus! I have my different little bits divided out into... paper bits & tags, metal, epoxy's, chipboard... that way when I have a great spot for an embellishment I know where to go to find it!

Houston won the lovely Glossary add on pictured below:

The winner of the paper storage/organization challenge was:

I store my papers on company en my cardstock on colour and keep them in pizzaboxes. I think the Cropper Hopper should be a great idea for me. Thanks for all the idea's.

Moon 69 won the fun and funky Footnotes add on pictured below:

The winner of the stamp/alpha/rub on organization challenge was:

Stephanie said.......For rub ons, I simply organize them in largest packages in the back and smaller ones in the front. That way the small ones don't get lost between taller packages.

Stephanie won the elegant Wisdom add on pictured below:

If you have not already, please email me at so that I can make sure that we get these wonderful treasures sent out to you. I will need your full name and mailing address!

Thanks again to everyone for your participation, I had a great week! Can you believe all those cards that Emily put together??? I am continually amazed by her talent. Stay tuned to the blog and the message board for the winners to her challenges as well!

Till next time.....


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