March 6, 2009

A Long and Winding Road?

It doesn't have to be! If you're just getting to know your Photoshop Program, whether it's a numbered version, a CS version or Elements you've probably found a few things that you do over and over. Did you know there are some key stroke combinations called "shortcuts" that will perform the action without you ever having to move your mouse or even open a menu? I've found a wonderful, comprehensive website that has a ton of information about shortcuts (and downloadable .pdf cheat sheets)!

Trevor Morris Photographics Adobe Shortcuts
here's another (specifically for Elements)
Dark Side of The Lens

Maybe you're getting more and more interested in actually scrapping digitally, or even using templates to print your photos. The following link is the learning page of a pretty cool site that contains an exponential amount of information. I caution that you might lose hours caught up in the multitude of pages offering information, tutorials and perspectives!

The Daily Digi (look to the right side of the page for more information/tutorials while you're there!)

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Jessica Sprague's wonderful digital classes. I've known many people that have come away from her classes with a wealth of new Photoshop talents!

Maybe you're really, REALLY getting into Photoshop and want even more information. I'd recommend anything by Scott Kelby or Deke McClelland. Photoshop gurus, both of them. You could even join NAPP!

Are you on overload yet? I know that Kirsty has one more surprise up her sleeve for you tomorrow, but I wouldn't be very nice if I didn't give you a little something, as well, right? I've made you a template that you can use to print your photos out, scrap a hybrid page or scrap a digital page--and if you're still not convinced that you can use your computer to scrap paper, just use it as a jump off inspirational sketch!

Wait.... Are you scratching your head about how you'd use this? Maybe you need one more tutorial about Clipping Masks? Just click here and let TaylorMadeDesigns tell you all about them!

Feel confident? Comfortable? Here's your template: Download (479.3K) --enjoy!!

As always, just email me (JennO) through the message board if you have any questions, if I can't give you an answer, I'll certainly help you find one! Happy Friday!!

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