March 17, 2009

Our Members are AMAZING.

and we love when they load up our gallery with their projects.

we get to see their style.
get to know a bit about them and their lives.
and most importantly, we get inspired by their work!!

so since Stephanie and i are constantly talking to each other about 'hey...did you see that awesome layout that was posted this morning?!', we thought we'd take this week to feature a few members who have caught our attention lately. a few a day...for the rest of the week, so check back!!

first up...the lovely and talented LINDA SOBOLEWSKI!!

Linda has a great way of using lots of pictures on her layouts, without them seeming cluttered...i envy her for that. and when i saw this one, i was sucked right in...i'm a softie for a grid layout, as everyone knows, lol. but look at all of the extra details...some scallops here and there, the neat little border drawn around the edge and that lovely little heart plopped in the middle for a title. add that she used the vintage Valentine included in the Fortune Cookie kit and i'm sold.
another one of my fave's from her gallery...i'm not sure where to start as far as what i love about it. maybe the sewn border? the title work? the beautiful pics? it's probably just easier to say that the whole darn thing makes me smile.

but i think it's this one that i love more than any other in her gallery.

it has all of my faves...grid paper, strips of other paper, a punched border, typewriter font.

but it's the sentiment behind it that draws me in.

i love that she journals about her relationship with her husband...her daughters are not 'little girls' anymore, and i can relate to not having as many 'traditional' moments to scrap about when it comes to your child. of course we still love to scrap about our kids as they get older, but few people take the time to journal about their husbands very often...and it is something i will definitely try to do more often after seeing her work.

please check out Linda's gallery HERE for more inspiration!!

and now, our next choice for today...the fabulous JEN ARMENTROUT!!!

now, i have to tell you...i am constantly drawn to Jen's work. her style, her humor and her wit shine through consistently...and i find myself smiling quite frequently while reading her journaling and message board posts. so when she professed her love for March's Garment District kit, claiming that all that were left were shards of paper, i immediately jumped over to her gallery and starting oohing and aahing.

first up--this baby right here.


i am in love. and you know what's REALLY cool? there isn't a single photo on this layout...but it tells me so much about Jen, that it doesn't even matter. proof that when you start with the story, sometimes that's all you need. i mean come on, who else could figure out a way to incorporate all of those fantastic American Crafts embellishments on one page...she used the hammer and nails people, lol!! and those Sassafras frames...sigh...then to top it all off she has the nerve to splash some paint on there to house her title. was she TRYING to give me a heart attack?! this one goes down as my fave of all time from Jen...

the design on this one makes me happy. a nice little assortment of Collage Press papers, the ever-cool Maya Road chipboard circle border and the little circle of glitter to highlight the date = simple perfection. i love that she journaled about a fun time in her past...and the catchy fight song/battle cry for her team around the border? it's now stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

again, i am drawn to a layout about husbands...a definite sign in need to do this more often. and AGAIN with those darn AC shapes!! a few cool things to point out...the two different colors of thread she used to sew around the edges, the WAY cool way she used that Jenni Bowlin bracket paper to focus your attention to where the pictures meet and i believe that the 'Y' and 'I' may have been cut out from the sheet of JB stickers that were left over...verrrrry sneaky, Jen!!
please go check out Jen's gallery HERE for more fun layouts!!
tune in tomorrow for more never know, it just may be YOU who is our feature of the day!!


Anonymous said...

Great picks!! Love their work!!!

Kimberly said...

AWESOME picks and GORGEOUS designs!!! Love it! xoxo

Emily Pitts said...

great picks, i totally agree with your evaluations. linda and jen are fabulous!

Life'sJourney said...

LOVE the farmers market page.. Thanks so much for sharing such inspiring ideas!

april said...

2 great choices!!!! love both of these ladies' styles

Linda Sobolewski said...

oh my freaking gawd. nic, you TOTALLY made my day. and you KNOW i get all my inspiration from you and the rest of the dt here. :))))))

Davinie said...

Totally fabulous choices! Great work ladies!

Kathy said...

I love your idea for the week, and love your picks for today.

em said...

Great choices!
I would like to come back as a scrapper reincarnate as Linda...her work makes me silly happy! ;)

Elisa said...

Absolutely fabulous stuff!
I browse the SC gallery daily, but sometimes I miss some gorgeous layouts, thanks for point them out!!!

Houston said...

Great picks, I love both of their styles!

Valerie S said...

I LOVE the LO's you featured (esp the Random one by Jen). I love too that you are doing this as I don't have time to trawl through all the LO's in the gallery.
Also loving that you have a new entry on your blog every day (or nearly). I look forward to it and liked seeing the recent photos of workspaces and storage. Great blog you guys!

Beth Perry said...

awesome inspiration!!!

Jennifer said...

Well, goodness gracious. WHat a lovely surprise to see. :) Thanks for the love, everyone. I sure did attack that last kit... lol.

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