April 7, 2009

color comfort

We all like to challenge ourselves and go outside of our comfort zones when working with different color combinations in our projects. It's a great way to expand our scrapping horizons and explore colors we would never think to use. But let's touch on the colors that we're always drawn to scrap with. The colors that you reach for repeatedly. The colors that inspire you to scrap.

I find myself always going towards blues and greens. I'm also loving pink, yellow and cream. I'm comfortable with this pallet and am always pleased with the finished product.

2.Winter Wonderland
3.Sprinkled Happiness.
5.Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow.
6.Friday the 13th Flare.

It's not only the colors we use in scrapbooking, we surround ourselves with these comfort colors. Look around you home. Check out your closet. What colors do you see most around you?

I'm going to dive into my SC stash and pull items that fit into my comfort zone and challenge you to do the same. I'd like to give away a print or 2 and will choose a random winner on Sunday. Post your layouts here along with the link to where ever you found your inspiration whether that be Flickr or a blog. Can't wait to see your comfort creations!



Chelle said...

heres a layout that i created using my comfort colors. i LOVE blue and brown, and i think orange is the perfect accent.

i did not have any inspiration other than the fact that i love the color combo.

Amy said...

It is so funny that you did this challenge because there was a challenge on the SC blog a little while ago where we were supposed to use Flickr or Etsy as our inspiration! I chose Etsy because on their home page they always have a designer's pick that are all having to do with one particular color and I love that! I chose to do something similar on my LO (actually the first LO I ever did with an SC kit-I think it was the Looking Glass kit). I love a slightly darker Robin's Egg Blue and have found that I have many many things in that color! I have actually accumulated more since I did this LO. I did sort of a grid pattern to match the square pictures on the Etsy main page and just used all the things of my fav color that I loved. Here is my LO from a good while ago:

Elisabeth Costa said...

After looking over some recent projects, my scrapbook room, colours in my home I came to realize my go to/comfort colours. Earthly tones...browns, a sunny butter yellow, red and accents of red. I love the artist James Tissot as well. Have a post on my blog with a recent mini I completed and some photos that helped me see the connection. http://bitsofmybliss.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop in and say a HUGE thank you to Tina for selecting my piece Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow to include in this group. Such wonderful, lucious colors. Thank you!!! ~ Tia