April 6, 2009

Colour Therapy

Colour, colour, colour.
Do you love how us Brits spell colour?!!

As inspiration is everywhere; you will find that the pattern or composition will be breathtaking but the colour theme may not be to your liking. So sometimes we have to take in extra inspiration elsewhere. Where better to soak up colour than fabrics, clothing, bed linens and wall papers? Its where I get my inspiration when dreaming up digi kits or designing papers.

This week Tina and I will be exploring the stuff that helps us bring our projects together. Of course, we are already grateful to Scarlet and April for perfectly co-ordinating the monthly kits as it is but how about using all those lefts overs and mixing them to your own taste? What might assist your decision is the colour wheel here which will help you match colours without ruining the balance. Then when you discover the many combinations of colour palettes that take your fancy, do what I do and pick out Pantone paint swatches (....but ssshhhhh, you have to go under the cover of darkness to "collect" the paint sample sheets from DIY store)which you then collate and create a catalogue of juicy colours, all in preparation for your next big project.

Tina will be back with her take on the theory tomorrow but if you are at a loose end today, it might be kind of fun to take your favourite punch, go through scraps of cardstock and collect your favourite colours to catalogue into your own palette style. It feels so good!

And really, it is what it is - Colour Therapy, however you spell it ;)


Jenn said...

thansk for that color wheel link, very cool and helpful.

Leanne Lonergan said...

Ah...therapy indeed! There is nothing better than colour charts and colour wheels!