April 17, 2009

A little post to give praise to Maggie's actions ;)

I'm fairly new to photoshop and really know how to do next to nothing with it. But a few months ago I decided to try this whole action thing and started with a set of Maggie's actions. They came with full instructions on how to install them and how to run them and it could not be any easier. I just thought since she was posting this week about how to use actions, I would give her a little shout out about hers! Here are a few photos that I used them on. I ONLY ran her action on them...no other editing at all!

Here's the SOOC version...

Here's the same pic with Simple Color Boost action:

I think Simple Color is my favorite because it works on pretty much all photos and it's somewhat subtle. Here'a another SOOC shot of my adorable nephew:

And here it is with Simple Color + the Lighten Up action:

And finally, here's one more:

With just the Lighten Up action (which you can adjust to your liking):

So, even a photoshop newbie like me can use these or any actions. They help kick your photos up a notch. Plus, it's just fun to play around! :)

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