April 22, 2009

I Don't WANT To Sew. So What?

Maybe sewing on your layout isn't your thing. That's OK!
Wait...What's that? You still want to use fabric on your pages? How about stamping on fabric and adding it to your page? How about making a fabric yo-yo flower or two? You want to know how? You want to see examples?

Here Heather Bailey teaches you how to make a fabric yo-yo flower

(this gives me an entirely new appreciation for the gazillions of them that Scarlet's made for us!!)
Here you learn about stamping on fabric

Perhaps you aren't quite comfortable with putting fabric on your page yet and want to try a few cards, first. How about this link to a cute little project?

Maybe you just need to see some more examples by scrappers you know? An extra little "push" of inspiration if you will-- Lisa stamped on the fabric and sewed it to her page. See them both close up HERE and HERE. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing these fabulous pages with us!

On Monday, Tammy V. left a great comment: "I do have one tip for stitching on paper. I like to make sure my stiches don't come loose, so whether I use a stop stitch or not, I always dab just a tiny bit of Aleenes tacky glue on the back of the paper."

Now, maybe you've never used fabric and have no idea why/how you'd go about getting some just for a page or two. I have a few ideas for you:
  • I bet you know a quilter/seamstress. I bet that person has a ton of little scraps that she (or he) has kept that are too small for their own projects. Never hurts to ask, right?
  • How about some of those old worn out kid/baby things that you can't bear to part with but don't want to give or donate? What better way to commemorate than adding it to a page? Re-purposing or up-cycling! Yay!!
  • Maybe you found some old linens at the flea market and a few were ripped or torn. It only takes a small piece or two to make a great card!
  • If you must purchase, but don't want even a 1/4 of a yard, consider turning to etsy. I've seen tons of grab bags full of scraps for sale there.
I am always interested in any other ideas you all might have for fabric and sewing on your pages! Send me an email or leave a comment and I'll definitely include it in my next blog post! Happy Earth Day, everyone!


lisa said...

too funny - i just cut apart an old sleeper and have it set aside to use on a page.. just trying to find an older pic of ben wearing it.. i know exactly what the photo looks like, but can't track it down. SO frustrating!

Emily Pitts said...

a really cool way to add some dimension to your layouts w/ fabric is the claudine hellmuth multi-medium matte stuff. it's like a glue, coat the piece of fabric then start playing with it. add folds or wrinkles to the fabric before it dries, then stick it on the page.

Just Us said...

You could always do a fabric swap...get all your friends and their scraps together and trade it up!!