April 8, 2009

Colour Inspiration

So whats been catching my eye this week?

Well for starters, both Tina and I agree on Anthropologie. Sadly we don't have this shop in the UK but thats ok....its online for ALL to see. Having checked out their bed linen range, Im kind of taken to this colour range AND the pattern HERE. So much so that as soon as I finish this blogspot, Im going to try and emulate it in a layout to share on Friday with you.

Im going to take you to my secret garden where every colour combo is matched beautifully together and helps get me in the mood. Its HERE, but don't you dare share that info with anyone ok? Then how about good old Laura Ashley? And this shop here with its mix of paperies and vintage finds as well as cupcake mountains for little girls tea parties? And this shop, Avoca which is exclusive to Eire (Southern Ireland) is awash with amazing colour and style.

If that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, I'll share two more sites with you here and here....... and if they haven't given you the push to get our scissors into action, then come back tomorrow where Im sure Tina will give you a good shove into colour.


Anonymous said...

fabulous links Kirsty. thanks for letting us into your secret hideaways LOL. They are right up my street. - hera

Shanz said...

OK, that Anthropologie bedspread has been calling my name for over a year now!!! Every time I see it I get weak in the knees! Thanks for sharing your links with us!!!