April 2, 2009

Color Inspiration

I'm completely inspired by color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. I love them all.

I love to troll fabric stores to see what colors fabric designers come up with. I love to wander through the stationary and housewares departments of Target fondling the browns and avocados, and mustards.

One of my favorite places to consume color inspiration is the front page of Etsy Every few clicks they have a new color palette on the front page. Ooh La la!!! Another way to peruse Etsy is tags! I love tags! You can search for pomegranate, or citron, or almond.

So the other day, I saw this peice of paper. I thought about that piece of paper, pared with maybe pink. I looked up the tags: orange, pink and brown on etsy. Here were some of the lovely pieces that came up on Etsy:


by two tone press


by skrantz


by matilou


by get felt up


by things she carried

Here is the layout those colors inspired:

What colors inspire you?


Elisabeth Costa said...

We are in the process of renovating a cottage and am inspired by the turquoise blue, lime green and red that I find myself drawn to as I thumb thru my cottage inspiration magazines. We have completed the upstairs and used beadboard on the walls and I chose different hues of white for the rooms.

kim smart said...

I love the way you combined these colors for this layout. I am saving this on my computer as I ordered "hey diddle" and will needing ideas for this paper. thanks for all the inspiration!!

Elisa said...

Joy I loved this post, it was like you read my mind, I was thinking that colour (or colour combinations) are my number one in the list of things that inspire me.

Greta.B said...

Awesome color combination and really cool finds! I'm particularly drawn to that felt piece for some reason.

I'm usually inspired by most shades of turquoise or like a robin egg blue. These days I'm also loving green and yellow too. Maybe because it's spring...

{VICKI} said...

My favorite color is Orange--
i use a alot of blue on my layouts--and I also like browns

Rita said...

At the moment I am being inspired by the wonderful colors of sherbert ice cream. The brightness of the colors makes me happy. :D

Heather said...

I love those colours you used in your layout!!

I'm really into turquoise/red/cream!

Séverine said...

I love bright colors!