August 16, 2010

Challenge- Scrap an ultrasound photo!

happy monday morning everyone!

tina and i (stephanie) will be hosting the blog this week and we'd talk a little bit about pregnancy (with plenty of non-pregnancy stuff thrown in).

shocking, i know...considering we are both pregnant right now. tina is expecting a sweet little boy this fall, and i am expecting two little girls right around the same time.♡

we were chatting about different things we could do this week, and both of us have noticed that sometimes people comment about wanting to be able to scrap their ultrasound photos.

we know that not all of you have children, or that many of you may not even still have your ultrasound photos, but we still thought that this would be a fun, unique challenge.

at the bottom of the post are some alternative challenges from tina. hopefully one will work for you!

i have scrapped a couple of my ultrasound photos of the girls so far. i did not use the actual original photos, i scanned them and printed them on photo paper.

since the photos are black and white...your design options are endless!

here is the very first one i did, using the documentary collection:

and here is a more recent layout i did, using the summer camp kit

and here is tina's interpretation of the challenge!
isn't she amazing? ;)

(items used: Elementary Collection, Star punch & vintage papers)

we so hope you will play along this week!

Post to your Studio Calico Gallery and link your layouts to the thread I have started in on the message board.

The winner will be chosen randomly from all eligible entries. I will draw a winner on Sunday morning, and the prize will be a five dollar gift certificate to the shop.

oh, one more thing...i have noticed several ultrasound layouts in the past week or so. if you have a layout you've done within the past few weeks, go ahead and enter it in the contest!

edited to add: if you can't do this challenge, feel free to come up with your own creative substitution. we'd love for everyone to be able to participate.

a few ideas from tina:

This challenge can be taken in many directions.
A year ago, I would probably do a page about where I was at during my struggle. It always helped to get those feelings down on paper and I didn't always post those layouts either. Those were for me and my sanity.
Those of you who don't have children can take any 3 layouts and use it as a sketch.
Maybe scrap about what you see in your ultrasound of things to come. Smile
Try scrapping just a black & white photo.
There are really so many ways to interpret this challenge. Please don't feel like you can't participate. We want everyone to enjoy our weekly challenges!

I (stephanie) was thinking and I also came up with some alternatives. You could scrap a photo you've always wanted to scrap but never got around to (that's how i look at my ultrasounds from my first two pregnancies!!). Or perhaps your thoughts/emotions from your pregnancy.

Be sure to post your link here so we don't miss your creative layouts!

We can't wait to see what you do!
steph and tina


Jennifer Larson said...

If we have already scrapped all our ultrasound pics, can we scrap something aling the same lines--for instance, what every mother to boys should know?

Laura Fiore said...

Fun challenge! I'll be scrapping about the ultimate form of birth control I've found for my 21 year old daughter...I just make her spend several days and nights in a row with her four and five year old cousins ;-)

Jennifer Larson said...

Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

This makes me alittle sad as I won't be able to scrap an ultrasound pic- ever. :(

Laci J said...

Yeah, I've been wanting one of these for about 5 years now. Probably never gonna happen, according to Dr.'s but I can scrap my SIL's utrasound.

april said...

Both Tina and I completely understand the struggle of infertility and different people deal with their sorrow in different ways. I've gone through the most intense infertility treatment available and sacrificed a lot financially to be pregnant right now. While going through my struggle over the past few years, I was never sad for those friends and acquaintances who were able to get pregnant. It was because of their fertile bodies that treatment was able to be developed for people like me and Tina. The doctors could look at "normal" and determine why I wasn't getting pregnant. Without them there would be no treatment or babies to adopt. They are blessings. Their children are blessings and they have reason to celebrate.

I hope you understand that the challenge was issued with good intent and that people who choose to participate should not be caused to feel guilty for having an U/S photo to scrap. Let's be supportive to the scrapbook community as a whole, fertile or not.

Again, this is coming from someone who has had the struggle and knows many people who continue to struggle, so please take my comment with that in mind.

Virginia said...

this is definitley a huge blessing for us that my dh and i are grateful for every day - i have two pages that i've done to document:
this is my first time playing along with the weekly blog challenges - will be neat to see how others interpret the challenge!

Helsbells said...

I did this layout a couple of weeks ago about our 'surprise' pregnancy:

Thanks for the challenge :)

Mahlin said...

Had so much fun getting out my us-pics, haven´t scrapped them in a long time =D thanks for the challenge..

jamie long said...


Marina said...

Here's mine:

cec said...

Here is my participation girls, a real pleasure...
It is an 3D ultrasound which dates of 1997, a magnificent portrait of my first daughter...
Thank you for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to clarify and apologize that I didn't mean to offend anyone or that this post offended me. I should have been more clear. I am of course, always happy (eventually once i get over the wave of saddness for myself) for those around me or people online I look up to creativily, announce they are preg. Again, I apologize.

Tanstar said...

Great ideas... Stephanie, I nearly cried when I saw your two little bubbas ultrasound, my family is finished but boy my heart strings have been pulled. Thanks for sharing!