August 20, 2010

member inspiration- gracie

happy friday sc ladies and gentlemen!
i hope that you have something fun planned this weekend...i'm looking forward to hitting up the farmer's market and getting some much needed rest! :)

i wanted to feature a member today, her name is gracie. make sure you click on her name to check out her entire gallery, she's just awesome.

gracie is super involved in the SC community, she participates in every single challenge, and her layouts have been catching my eye again and again lately.

they are soft, lovely, and have an ethereal quality. i admire her ability to use small bits of paper effectively, and her handwriting is so romantic and pretty.

here are some of my favorite layouts gracie has created recently:

see what i mean? sigh. just beautiful.
thanks so much for inspiring me, and the entire SC community, gracie!



Meghann said...

Beautiful layouts, Gracie!

penny said...

Great feature on a wonderful SC member! I love all of her layouts and turn green every time I see her elegant handwriting. It should be a font! What I also love about Gracie is that she takes time to give really encouraging feedback on others' layouts. She's a giver!

ToneF said...

Love your work Gracie :o)

Gracie said...

Thank you so much!
I am so grateful to be part of such a kind and inspiring community!
You made my day!

debbieback said...

lovely spotlight. love your work Gracie =)

Jenni said...

i love gracie's layouts- so beautiful.. and gorgeous handwriting!

ale said...

yay!!! i'm a huge of gracie's wore, her layouts are amazing!
congrats, gracie!!!
=^ . ^=