August 31, 2010

Inspiring Minds...want to know!

Just where to draw inspiration from...outside the Scrapbooking arena!

Hello SC Fans and Friends...Kimberly here to share with you a FAVORITE place of mine that I ADORE...and I hope helps inspire you all they way it does me. :)

Have you ever heard of Shopruche? is simply one of my most FAVORITE places to shop...and gets my creative juices flowing! :)
Here is a great shirt that I adore...Love the colors, design and over all look that I see. Makes me ready to try something new and fun. I can see using mists...crumpling paper...all kinds of fun things to do and try.

This is what I created from this inspiration. I didn't use mists...but I can definitely be inspired for more fun creations from this shirt. :)

Often times when I want the paper to bend and not crease, I will wet it down and then work it into position and let it dry. This is what I did with the ruffle down the side border.

Have a WONDERFUL week!


Cari Skuse said...

Thanks for the inspiration Kimberly! Love that I'm gonna have to buy something.

Gracie said...

I love Ruche too and love that we can be inspired by the ruffles, fabric colors and "prettiness" of their clothing and then create a layout from that.
Yours is so beautiful!!!!

Angela said...

I had never heard of this boutique before. So glad you mentioned it!
Love the layout too!