August 6, 2010

Two Very Fun People

Today's member spotlight is really a two-for-one bonus. I was going through my CHA photos and when I saw this picture of Em, Barb, and me, I knew what had to be done. WAY back, 3 years ago, when Studio Calico was very new and fresh, I met these two friends on the message board and immediately decided I liked them. They have both been here from the beginning, so I thought it was about time they got the spotlight.

So without further ado, I give you Emily Spahn and Barb Novak! Interspersed between the answers are their top 3 favorite layouts/projects.

1. How did you two meet? How did you become friends? Who joined SC first?
B: We met through a circle journal organized by a friend on Two Peas. That was probably five years ago. We met up about a year later in real life (went out for ice cream) and have been great friends since. Even our husbands are friends now! And, in case you were wondering - neither one of us ever got our circle journal back. :) We both joined SC at about the same time without telling the other (I think) and have been around since the first kit.

E: We met online probably in 2005?? We were part of a 2peas circle journal (that of course went horribly wrong!!). We met in real life in July of 2006...where thank goodness we discovered that the other was totally normal! ;) We've been friends since then and have had all kinds of fun online and real life adventures! We've even gone on vacation together and our husbands are now friends, too. We have both been at SC since the very beginning, but if you want to get technical, I joined first on 6/13/2007 and Barb joined three days later on 6/16/2007.

2. You've been around SC for a long time, list your top 3 favorite kits ever.
B: In no particular order:
Farm Fresh
Looking Glass
And, I will admit here that I am still hoarding part of Billboard. I just can't bring myself to break it apart and add it to my stash. (me too Barb, me too.)

E: Oh goodness. I don't know! That's really tough. I think my favorite kits were: Billboard (the first ever SC kit), Soda Fountain (June 2009?), and Partly Sunny (June 2010?). But I think this month's kit might be a new favorite...
3. What's your favorite tool or product?
B: Ledger paper
Patterned Paper and Kraft cardstock. I could scrap forever with only these two things, I think!!

4. Give me a quick rundown of how you create. What you start with, how you choose, etc.
B: I start with pictures and then find a sketch or something else to be inspired by. Then, I just play with paper and embellishments until I get it right. I'm an irritating person to scrapbook with because I'm always asking, "How does this look?" or "What about this?" And, I have to be honest and say that I'm a huge scraplifter, too. It's tough for me to make something without being inspired by someone or something else. I do always give credit to my source, though.

I almost always start with a specific paper or color scheme. I usually pick this before I even pick a photo. Totally backwards, I know!! I like to use lots of mismatched papers on my layouts, so I will build around either my original paper or the color scheme I chose. So if I know I want some green, I might have six different green papers laying out and choose the one that "fits" best. After it's all put together, I might try to throw a few embellishment on, though I admit that embellishments make me a little scared!
5. List 3 things that make you happy right now.
B: Mad Men, Sleeping late, and Iced lattes with honey.

At this very moment?? (Looking around...) Zucchini bread from the Madison Farmer's Market. My new orange bag from Canvas (thanks to Laura Kurz for sharing that store!). And the crabby, but cute little blonde that is pulling on my pants leg as I type this.

6. Describe your style in 10 words or less. Now describe Em's/Barb's in 10 words or less.
B: I'll would say that Em's style is patterned, colorful, quirky, and fun. I especially love how she mixes patterned paper and uses fonts. For myself, I want to be simple and classic. As much as I love product and paper, I really want to showcase a picture or two and tell a story in a way that is timeless and appealing.

E: My style....easy, fun, kinda simple?? I don't know how to describe my own!! Barb's style is easier for me to define...also semi-simple but with awesome little details. totally cool.


7. Who has influenced your scrapping style?
B: My first scrap-crush was Becky Higgins. For awhile, I didn't make anything without one of her sketches nearby. From there, I found The Dares and started to be a little less square and symmetrical. Sometime around then, I also found Ali Edwards and wanted to learn how to tell a story. And, at some point I found Shimelle Laine and got interested in making mini-albums. Right now, though, some of my favorites are: Lisa Dickinson, Jill Sprott, Tina Aszmus, and Laura Kurz.

E: My two favorite scrappers of all time are probably Shelly Lamming and Kelli Crowe, which is funny because I don't actually scrap much like either one of them!

8. What keeps you hanging around SC?
B: The people I have gotten to know here, the great kits, and the gallery. I can always find something to look at in the gallery.

E: The fantastic kits, the friendly people, and the great service. :)


9. What's your favorite vegetable?
B: In the winter I would say broccoli. Right now, though, I'm all about the zucchini.

E: Sqaush? Or creamed corn at Thanksgiving, but that's a starch, I suppose. I think I might be more of a fruit girl.

10. Which SC line have you loved the most?

B: I'm super excited for Elementary - especially the Penmanship paper.

E: I can't wait to get my hands on the new Elementary line. I love it all!!

Thanks so much ladies, I have had a blast reading your answers and seeing the layouts that top your personal favorites list. I hope you readers have enjoyed getting to know these two members better too. :)

Emily (it's so weird to call her Emily, she's EM), shared this final photo with us, it documents their first IRL meeting. Don't you love being a scrapper!?!


Barb said...

Okay. This was so fun to read. I've been wondering about Em's answers to Emily's questions.

And, that last picture?

What was I thinking with that hair?


Thanks, Emily!

em said...

Hehe. She didn't add that I said "Barb will kill me for sharing that photo"!

My hair is equally bad in the first shot though, so I think we are equal!! ;)

Thanks Emily for "interviewing" us!!

Anonymous said...

How fun!

debbieback said...

aww great interview ladies !~ so nice that you connected through a wonderful hobby. =)

Alex Hardy said...

What a wonderful choice to spotlight Em + Barb together! It's proof that SC is a special place. :)

sarah said...

this was so fun! :)

Gracie said...

This was so fun to read!
I love the friendship aspect of this hobby... gives me the warm fuzzies!

Mandie said...

so, so, so, fun to read! love it!

Tonya said...

Loved reading about the two of you! What a fun friendship, just love that your hubs are friends too! I bet there aren't many men that can say they were brought together by scrappin'!!!

Barb said...

LOL - Tonya. Our husbands love to tell people they met through scrapbooking. :)

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Denise said...

Fun interview. I may be weird, but I always did wonder how the two met. :o) My first thought of both when I came to SC was they must have both been in the marching band together. LOL Oh and the photo at the end of the interview is just fine. Cuties :o)

Jill said...

Woo hoo! Two of my favorite SC-ers! :)