July 11, 2008


As requested, here are some tips on my PARIS project binder! I wanted to use my binder as a place to organize my thoughts. I love looking through magazines and tearing out any of the pages that inspire me (Country Living, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, and Romantic Homes are some of my recent favorites). Now I can keep some of my favorite inspirations together all in the same place. That is why the title of my binder is "Life Inspired."

To begin my project, I cut out a piece of the Paris map paper just a little bit larger than the open binder. I coated the outside of the binder with acrylic gel medium (although Mod Podge would work just as well) and attached the paper. After it dried, I used a craft knife to trim the paper around the edges, and then I smoothed the edges with a sanding block.

Next, I cut two smaller pieces for each inside cover and repeated the process above.

I decided to keep the inside of the binder simple, so I labeled the clear dividers and decorated one kraft page for the opening of each section. I randomly placed the rest of the pages throughout the binder to fill up with notes and magazine clippings.

I gave my sections the following labels: Learn, Create, Inspire, and Reflect.

My plan is to use the binder to organize website addresses I like to visit (and why), project ideas that I don't want to forget, tips and techniques, and visual inspiration. I used a removable adhesive to attach magazine clippings to the pages, in case I want to remove them later. For full pages that were too big to fit on the binder pages, I turned them sideways and folded them accordion-style so that I can pull them out to view the entire page.

Although I used my PARIS project kit to create an Inspiration Binder, there are so many other possibilities! How about a recipe binder, a personal planner, or an address book? Or, as one of our members suggested (sah11679)... a travel journal! Perfect... why didn't I think of that?

PARIS project kits are still available for purchase. If you haven't already, get yours before they're gone!


Anonymous said...

oh wow! your work is so inspirational! I'm a beginner scrapper and I love your creations (esp. this binder)!

kerry lynn said...

is stunning.