July 29, 2008

winner winner chicken dinner.

Paula Barber! You're the winner for that awesome Making Memories RAK! Email april@studiocalico.com with your shipping addy. Congrats!

Now on to the nifty stamp storage.
There's so many ways to store clear stamps. It really all depends on what works best for you. I personally like to keep my Studio Calico stamps separate from the others. Before, I kept them in a basket (see pic from post below) and thought there had to be a better way to store them.

I've had this acrylic album laying around for a few months now. It's from the April project kit and I never got around to using it. Enter light bulb moment. So I grab my box of SC scraps from previous kits and got to work. This is a really quick and simple project and it works beautifully. Plus it's a great way to carry them to a crop. You stick on the stamps on the backside of the acrylic page so that you can see the design. You can also stamp the image on some card stock and place it in front of the acrylic page too.
Don't throw out those clear plastic images that come with the stamps! Those are handy little tools for when you're trying to decide where you want to place your stamp on a layout or card. Attach a library card pocket or envelope to the back to keep them all together.

Neat, huh? Like I said, it all depends on what works for you. This little book looks so much better in the basket now. Oh and I'm sure you've noticed I don't clean my stamps...gasp...not good, I know. :)

I'll be back on Thursday with my favorite dt layouts from the Confections kit along with some favs from the gallery that feature the SC stamps.
Take care,


joanne (spagirl) said...

great idea tina!! love it!!
loved your last post too!
and congrats paula!

Nicole said...

SO doing something similar...you rock girl!

april said...

what a wonderful idea!!! Definitely gonna make me one of these

CC said...

Congrats Paula!

That's a great idea for a stamp storage album. I have so many clear stamps that it can be overwhelming when I go to a crop. I can't take them all. So I think I'll do something similar. Then I can rotate the stamps in and out of it, so all my stamps get used. Of course, my SC stamps will stay in it all the time.
Thanks for the neat idea.

nicole said...

i love this idea! so great - hope you love your new storage!
{and congrats paula!}.

Nancy said...

Very cool idea, Tina. I still have that same album left to do something with. Hmmm...
Congrats Paula!

Erin said...

genius Tina! I love it!

ahardy said...

that is a pretty nifty idea.
thanks for sharing it.
i bet we'll all be lifting it [insert chuckle here].


metrochic said...

awesome! i totally love this idea and can't wait to totally jack it.

Starr said...

Great idea. Would make finding the right stamp so much easier :)

Anilu Magloire said...

This is brilliant!!!!!!

Scarlet said...

Now that is a brilliant idea, and one that I never would have thought of myself! I love it, Tina :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

fabulous idea tina! i think i'll be making one of these too!

Tiffany said...

That is a great idea Tina! I definitely need to find a new place for my Studio Calico stamps...because they are fab!

Michelle*G said...

Brilliant! Fabulous idea...and one I think I'm going to have to copy. :)

sunshine scrapper said...

Love the idea. I am going home to dig out my acrylic album and this is my project for the night!!!!

Tara said...

Super slick. You da man.

Margaret said...

That's a great idea! I've been keeping my stamps in protectors in office binders! This album is so much better(and so much cuter!)

Marilou said...

This is the coolest! Thanks for the great idea - Now I must go get an acrylic album.

Emily Pitts said...

what a fun idea!

KateB said...

congrats and that is a fantastic idea for the stamps! May I put that on my blog? {giving you total credit and link of course}

KateB kateblue.blogspot{dot}com

Nicole Carro said...

This is such a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing it.

mommy2alex said...

That's genius!! Aren't you just a smart chickie - love it, especially the library card to hold the plastics!

kelly said...

that is an awesome idea!!!

sunshine scrapper said...

So I am now working on my version of this idea and my only question is..... how do you make the acrylic pages not stick to each other with the acrylic stamps on them. I know the "month" tabs make a bit of a barrier, but my pages are still sticking together. Any suggestions?


Lyn said...

um, holy cow?! that is freaking awesome, i can't believe you made that especially for the SC stamps! you rock!

Davinie said...

TINA. You are so smart with that album! i am SOOOO going to make one too!

Congrats Paula on the MM GOODIES!

ricanlaw said...

What an idea and how beautiful is that book.

young said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Paula Barber said...

I go outta town for a few days and look what happens!??!?!?!?
MM Goodness?!?!
Can it really be?
I won?

And this book!
I am so doing this. I love
the idea and love, love the way you put it together.
Pure Genius.

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