July 23, 2008

Tie it all up in a pretty little bow

Challenge time!!!

Some of you may have noticed (it's pretty hard to miss)
that I love using ribbons and vintage trims on my pages.
I especially love bows.
Yes, I'm girly! Yes...I was girly before the girlies.
I can't help it!

Some of you have mentioned you are bow-challenged.
And that is where the "challenge" comes in.
Make a layout, card, project, mini...anything with a bow on it.

Post your layout to the Studio Calico gallery by Saturday and I will pick a winner.
I'm picking out of a hat this time, by the way...last time was WAY too hard!!
The winner will receive some ribbons and trims out of my stash....I collect beautiful
bits and pieces and there is no way I could possibly use them all.

I really hope you will all join in!

Below I'm adding a few SC bow layouts I've done.

have a wonderful day!!


ahardy said...

i don't think i have EVER used a bow on a page! great challenge! you rock the bows like no other! :D

Susan Beth said...

Bows are hard for me, but I will try! And you pages are so beautiful. Especialy the "Waiting for your Soldier in the Sky" one! Heart breakingly beautiful!

Brenda Hurd said...

beautiful bows! I need to give this one a try!

Victoria said...

Here is mine.


Victoria said...

oops! I messed up - I will load it to the gallery.

april said...

gorgeous!!! love the bows

Lacey said...

hi there- can i ask you where you find your ribbon? i really love unique textured ribbon...just wondering if you had a favorite store or you just collect them randomly?

Alison said...

Great layouts! I uploaded mine into the Apple Orchard gallery, titled "Rylee". I never tie bows, thanks for inspiring me to try!

CC said...

Here's mine. I had problems find my camera.

Susan Beth said...

There is mine, in the gallery. Thanks for the fun. It was good for me to stretch this way.

Suz said...

Great layouts & challenge gave it a shot last night

Suz said...

Forgot to post my link