July 15, 2009

Not Working? Turn It On It's Ear...

LOL. Ok, so I couldn't think of a catchier title than that...don't hate me.

Sometimes, if a particular layout, sketch or plan isn't working for you--turn it 90 degrees or even 180 degrees and something just might click. Maybe the thing to do is to re-size it. Make it bigger, smaller or even smaller yet. That's exactly what I've done for you today. I've taken my original sketch, re-sized it to 8.5x11, turned it on it's side and also revised it into a card sized sketch for you.

Now, I realize this is nothing new...and you may have even done this on your own...BUT...sometimes when my mojo is in a slump, all I need is a little creative push to see something a bit differently!


Re-Sized to 8.5x11

Re-Sized for Card

In a few days we'll be revealing how we used the sketch(es) and hopefully posting some of yours. I'd love to see how you've been inspired!


LaVon said...

Hey thanks!! This might work now!! I'll try to have my LO done tomorrow for you!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

cool sketch! colorful...almost a layout all by itself.

hey, is it here i claim my Collage Press goodies? ;)

Rachael said...

I got a LO done inspired by this sketch :-) it was fun!!

Linda Barber said...

Ooh, I really like the letter sized one. Getting started now. :)

Anonymous said...

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