July 1, 2009

How She Stumbles

So I'm going to let you peek into my brain for this post. But first, since Joy posted her Documentary favorites, I thought I'd post my favorite from her gallery too. It's only fair.

I loved how she did this shadow box, it's so unique and there's so many cool details in such a small little space. My hat is off to you Joy!

And now...

I thought it would be fun to show you how I pull inspiration from my stumbles. A peek into my thought processes.

First stumble: this page about vacuum tube chess sets and how to make them. Honestly it stumped me. Then I noticed the cool texture of the chess board. How cool would it be to make a checked background and add a circle to each one of a different paper? I also liked the ad for downloading books. A bunch of pictures at the top of your page, then cut a check mark shape out from the bottom of them. Very graphic!

Second stumble: OK, I admit this one had me puzzled as well, but then I remembered I really should do a page about how much my family, sans the mamma, loves Star Wars. I'm not sure how I will go about creating such a page, but now it's in my subconscious mind, stewing. Another thing that caught my eye was the middle picture of the Fox News Videos, the one of the top of someone's head. All those circles? That could totally be a page background--make it into a circle, even better!
Third stumble: Totally cool background effect on this page about England's musical history. I'm all about collaging lately and I loved all the texture going on here. You can click on a link and the map goes in to a greater detailed one. Reminds me of the Making Memories transparency... I could do a "You Are Here" page, must think on that one. I also loved the splattered paint look of the title in the upper left corner. Makes me want to pull out the paint and straw, remember that technique from grade school?

Fourth stumble: Self-watering rhubarb plants, nothing is coming to mind. I'm digging deep and finding nothing. The picture of Stephan Hawking reminds me of a date my husband and I went on while he was in graduate school. I used precious funds to buy him the new Stephan Hawking book, I thought he'd be so interested to read it. A few years later, I donated the book to Goodwill, it had never been opened. I didn't read the situation quite right. Not sure that it's a layout idea. Not every page you're going to find Stumbling will yield results. :)
And one last stumble for you: A page about playing with your food. Not much text. This one was hard, but then I realized how happy the colors were making me. So there you have it, if nothing else, go with the colors! But now that I'm thinking about it, I do have a picture that would totally work with the idea of playing with your food... See? Stumbling can get your creative juices flowing!


Anonymous said...

Combine Stumbling with Vi.sualize.us ... and bam, inspiration board. I need to try stumbling ... very cool and gets you away from looking at the same blogs everyday too. Nothing wrong with that, but good inspiration to look further away than your norm. Thankds for the idea!

Rhonda said...

I tried Stumbling today. My initial reaction was laughter and then inspiration. Thanks for the idea! I posted my 1st Stumble at http://peacebypiece-rhonda.blogspot.com/