August 19, 2009

5 Products+3 different designers=3 totally cool layouts

How are you doing on your 5 product challenge? I'm seeing some really awesome layouts in the gallery, so please keep them coming! Last week, I had asked a few other designers to join me in the challenge and it's been so fun to see how differently each interpreted the challenge. I also asked them all to write up their stories behind their pages–how they got to the page we see now. It's been really fun to read about the things that worked and the things that didn't, but that the designers made work. Thank you to each designer for helping me out. Today I thought I'd share a few more with you, beginning with DeniseN, who did not disappoint. See her creative process below:

The vision I had in my head before I started in no way matched the final outcome. In actuality, I never stick to the vision that is in my mind upon starting. It evolves and changes as I go along. Having the list of five items to use made the process easier - no choices are sometimes a good thing. Upon starting I thought the paint would be the hard part, but the alphabet stickers turned out to be the real challenge. I almost left the title off to go for a more clean lined look, but then realized I had to use those stickers to meet the challenge requirements. Darn sticker letters.

Next we have reyasunshine, I loved how she used packaging as a mask, this recycling of product is so fun to see!
I love challenges! I love them especially when it's a true challenge to me. Metal and paint?! Not two mediums I use on a regular basis. And though I was a bit apprehensive about those two, I was still really excited about this challenge!

I was really surprised at how quickly my brain threw together a layout containing those products. The minute I read the products, I had a sketch in mind, and I actually didn't sway from it hardly at all.

I knew I wanted to use a large shape as a mask for the paint, so *choosing* that shape took longer than creating the actual layout. LOL. Heart? Flower? Jenni Bowlin packaging (that cute bracket)? I looked for inspiration in my mini album box, and I chose the Basic Grey luggage tag album. It had a hole at one end, so I just used repositionable adhesive to temporarily cover it up while I painted.

I pretty much knew that I wanted to use this fun photo of my husband and me... laughing. I just love that photo. I look like a dork, but it's okay because that's what I look like when I laugh. Tee hee. (He, on the other hand, looks super cute!) Once I got the photo, I had to decide on what metal to use. Something that would go with my theme. I'm all about relating my embellishments... making them relevant to my story, point, theme or feeling of the layout.

I REALLY wanted to use those Making Memories metal sayings that we just got in the August kit (though I also considered the BG glazed brads). Whenever I get something in a kit that makes me say, "What?! This is so not me. I will never use this," I give myself a challenge to use that FIRST! Or at least use it at *some* time on a project. I do this with every kit, and whenever I get finished using the product, I get SO excited, and I'm just so proud of myself. (This has happened in the past with flowers, chipboard, stickers, and buttons...)

All Studio Calico patterned paper is genius... so many uses, and that strip on the bottom? Perfection. :-) I chose the "My Dear" paper and used a scallop circle punch to cut out one of the shapes. I then took some white embroidery floss (secured to the back with a bit of my Kokuyo), and wrapped it around and between the scallops to give it a neat gyro effect... kinda like the shapes on the paper! I love the way that turned out.

Then I just drew my journaling lines with a ruler and pen. I was glad I was able to do several sentences of meaningful journaling because it's one of my favorite things about layouts... I get to write. I get to be my long-winded self when I have more room on a layout, and I love that! I felt this was really important to record.... and remember. :-)

I can't wait to do another layout for this challenge! It's really encouraging me to step outside my style/taste box... but still be true to my clean and simple self. :-) Maybe I'll even use something other than white cardstock for my next layout! Hmm... maybe not...

And finally, fellow DTer JennO offered to play along and I couldn't refuse!

It all started with this picture I had--one that really didn't have a particular sentiment behind it--just a random happy shot of my darling nephew. It had been sitting on my desk and I'd been pushing it around on the kraft for a while (days before Emily announced her challenge). My daughter came over and made the comment "I just love that picture, he's so adordable!!"
**Light bulb moment** I know that we all have them, those family words that stick around through the years-but wouldn't mean much to anyone on the outside. She inspired me to scrap it...and quite possibly a collection of them in the future.
Now I have the kraft base, the photo and the story...I'm ready to play within the parameters of Emily's challenge. My first idea was to paint the background behind the photo...but I realized that I do that a lot when it comes to paint, so that idea went into the trash--and paint on the back burner. More pushing the photo around. More rifling through my drawer of scrap paper. I found the yellow dot and instantly thought happy & red. Along came the red thickers (alpha), the baker's (floss) twine and the red (metal) brads. The paint finally came to me when I wanted to add a bit more of the yellow but not overwhelm the photo or the page with it. I grabbed the cap to my water bottle and the cap to a pen knife and added the circles. I finished up by brushing a little more paint around the edge and adding the journaling. For kicks, I outlined a couple of the painted circles. Simple, easy and about 15 minutes once the idea hit. Thanks, Emily!!
Hopefully reading these comments will help you get a "lightbulb moment" of your own. Stay tuned, tomorrow Kirsty takes over and she'll have the last of our 5 product participants for you on Saturday.


Ki said...

What great pages! So inspiring! Beautiful work ladies!

Kimberly said...

I need to do this challenge. I am so inspired now.

Greta said...

I love seeing how the three of you came up with totally different layouts with the same requirements. Great layouts - well done! :)