August 24, 2009

let's make something.

Still staring at all those stamps you've accumulated from past kits?
Here's a fun, easy way to use them.
Supply List
a variety of rubberstamps(I've used all Studio Calico stamps in those project)
Distress Inks is Walnut and Brick Red
acrylic blocks for stamps
brown paper bags(the ones our lovely kits come in)
Maya Road Mists in Gold and Charcoal
a find mist bottle with water
fluid matte medium
foam brush
bone folder
a small box

Ok, let's get started. Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty! If ink bothers your skin, you may want to wear rubber gloves.

Start by cutting one brown paper bag. I've cut it down to a 12x12 piece for this tutorial but I usually just collage the whole bag with stamps when it's cut and flattened out.

I like to start with a scripty rubberstamp or something that has fine lines. This creates a nice backdrop. Ink up your stamp and press down to the paper several times before re-inking. Be sure to stamp in different directions, this adds to the layer effect.

Next, I went with the numbers stamp that I arranged horizontally. Same, stamp several times, re-ink.

I'm sort of filling out any spaces. You'll start to notice squares that need to be filled. I just keep going down in size with the stamps, leaving really bold stamps for last.

Keep stamping until you achieve a layered look that you're happy with. You really can't mess this up. Actually the messier, the better.
Here's the fun part....wad your stamped masterpiece in a ball. mash away. trust me. this adds to the beauty and makes the paper look old and textured. I do this about 2-3 times until it's all nice and wrinkly (is that a word?) Smooth out the paper with your hands.
Run your Walnut ink pad lightly across the wrinkled paper. You can do this as little or as much as you like. Next, take a couple different Maya Mists and spray in a few places. I've used Gold and Charcoal here.
Then, spray with a fine mist of water. It makes the Walnut ink sort of bleed and will start to look like actual walnut ink.
Let the paper dry.

At this point, you're left with a sweet looking piece of vintagey stamped paper. You can do whatever you want with it. I've covered boxes with it. I've scrapped with it. I've also used this paper as a book cover for a mini.

Boxes are fun and easy to cover. Who doesn't have a random little box lying around?
I was going to use decoupage glue but didn't have any handy. I did have fluid matte medium and it works wonderfully for this project.
Cut your paper into pieces.
1 piece for top of the lid leaving a good amount of overhang to glue down onto the sides of the lid.
1 piece for the bottom with about a 1/2" extra all the way around.
2 long pieces for the sides of the box.
(the measurements will all vary with the box you choose to cover.)

Brush on your choice of glue evenly and press your cut piece of paper down. Smooth out with your hands and use a bone folder to brush down some of the creases and push out any excess glue.

see the photo above on how to tuck in your corners. glue down all sides.
smooth with your bone folder.
continue on with the bottom of the box.
glue flaps up the side of the box. this will be covered nicely with the last 2 pieces of paper.
measure your sides, then cut paper to size.
I like to cut just 2 pieces instead of 4. easier and quicker.
glue all around the box. smooth out with the bone folder.
you can certainly paint the inside of your box. I like the unfinished craft color, so I left it as is.

It's nice at this point but why not do a little more distressing?
Add some white paint to the corners by using a old gift card. see photos below.

I felt like it needed one more thing that made it pop.
How about another stamp? I used Brick Red Distress ink and a special stamp I placed carefully on the edge.

I have several boxes covered in all different patterns of this stamped collage paper. They look really cool all stacked together and house some of my favorite little things.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. Please feel free to email me with any questions.


ToneF said...

Oh, I totally love this!!! Thanx for the inspiration :o)
I have quite a few boxes that should need some "refreshing".

HL0517 said...

love this idea, and what a great way to use some of the stamps we have all accumlated from the kits.

Kimberly said...

Oh my heart, this is a fabulous idea. I am ON IT!

addicted2paper said...

ohmygoodness! totally l-o-v-e this tutorial! can't wait for this work day to end and put my hands on it.

Emily Pitts said...

i just bought a brand new roll of kraft paper :) hee hee! this is a great tutorial tina! thanks for the idea!

Davinie said...

Very very cool, Tina! Very vintage.

Shay said...

Great way to re-use and re-vitalize paperbags, papers that are a bit out-of-date or even scraps. Also a great way to use stamps to create an overall design/background. Thanks for sharing!

Sandrine Deleuze said...

OOOOOOOh this is just an amazing idea !!! thanks for sharing ! the stamps shown on the pictures are soooooo great! I'd like to find you "scripty rubberstamp with lines" like to learn how to write alphabet !!! Will you have it in store again ???? Oh please please please say YES !!! it's such an amazing stamp ;-) Thank you so much to tell me ^--^

Joanie said...

What a cool idea!!!! Thanks for the details!

Anonymous said...

So cool!

Jen said...

Wow, I'm impressed with this tutorial! What an awesome, fantabulous idea...thanks for the inspiration!

april said...

Sandrine, that alphabet is available in the shop with September's add-on "FOXTROT"

Coloribus said...

Fantastic idea I like this creativity