August 29, 2009

an update on the Alisa challenge.

hey everyone.

just a quick note to share a pic of the ATC holder that was sent out to Alisa Henry's family...this is just a SMALL sampling of the ATC's that were made in her memory, and each one holds a quote from Alisa herself. the entire group of ATC's that were received was sent along, and i'm certain that her loved ones will cherish having her words so close at hand.

thanks to everyone who participated...losing a loved one is hard.

but knowing that they were loved helps to ease things just a bit.

miss you Alisa...still thinking of you.


april said...

Thanks for posting this Nicole. Alisa meant so much to people here at SC and after reading her quotes, it's obvious the love she has for her family.

And, Nik is right, that's just a SMALL sampling of the ATCs. Thanks to everyone who sent some in, I know her family will appreciate each and every one.

Emily Pitts said...

thanks for this nik, it was such an inspiration to read alisa's thoughs on life and family. she definitely left a legacy for her family. i was so impressed at the outpouring of love here for her. thank you to everyone who participated!