August 13, 2009

Look Familiar?

Nic and I asked the SC Design Team if they'd share some of their earlier projects with us. I pulled Tina C. and Joy from the responses to feature today. I had a good time looking back through their galleries and was amazed to see that, like the rest of us, some things changed, some things stayed the same. Take Tina, for instance. Her gallery is a constant wonder to me, I love seeing her tell a story with a title, some words and a bit of product. Below are a few of her most recent pages.

In looking back at Tina's gallery--I can tell that she's someone who can cut right to the heart of the emotion. She's never one to prop up a page with clutter or unecessary elements. It's obvious her style is strong and her pages from around 06/07 still seem fresh and current.

I pulled some of her earliest pages (roughtly 03/04--she'll have to correct me if I'm wrong) and it's so fun to see where and how she started. Even back then she gorgeous photos and a strong sense of who she was as a designer.

The target of my next "investigation" was Joy...who is always so cutting edge and funky. I adore the way she mixes things up, the way she combines patterns and shapes. You never see a page of hers without knowing it's hers. Some of her most recents:

This page I pulled from about the middle of her gallery and I really think this is where she just really let loose and felt free to be Joy. :) I can tell that her colors and mixes started popping and tugging her in a unique, artistic direction. I think this page is from about (05/06)--again, hopefully she'll correct me if I'm wrong.

The beginnings of Joy's gallery look something like the following two pages. I can tell that she was having trouble locating the exact embellishments that completed her pages...because why? Because she was making them on her own!! I love that she started from such a true place of art and ingenuity. That's really where I think she shines and she can look back and say "it all started when..."
I read the comments you guys made on Nic's post and I have to say how impressed I am with your willingness to share 'where you came from'. Scrapbooking can be such an embracing hobby and I love that art evolution is just one more thing that we all share! Nic will be back tomorrow featuring some more of the Design Team's pages! Until then...make sure you're signed up to win the Sneak Night Giveaway on the post below this one!!


lisa dickinson said...

gosh, both Joy & Tina were fab from the get-go! love seeing their "early" works!

Michelle (from Ky) said...

Those are great LO's, thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

so cool to see the evolution of scrapping styles! thanks for sharing these!