August 14, 2009

They Just Keep Getting Better.

Today we're going to take a peek at some of Nicole H and Davinie's older layouts. I had fun soaking in their pages this afternoon...picking out a few representative pages to share here. It's so cool to see how they have both stayed true to themselves while staying current with the trends and new products available. I love that I can look at their pages from 2006 and right away pick out the same things I love about their work today.

First up, Nik. Here's a couple of her pages from this month's gallery.

One of my favorite things about Nicole and her pages....she wears her heart on her sleeve. And it's a big heart! :) Full of love for her family, daughter, friends, life. With each layout, you can get a glimpse into her heart. I so admire that, as I struggle with getting my feelings down on paper. I also love how she uses paint and makes it look so effortless. How she uses little bits of product in ways I would never have thought of. And her designs that draw you right into the photo. So, when I went back in her gallery...guess what? I loved her old pages for all those same reasons. Here are a few...

Next up, Davinie! Here are a couple from the August gallery.

I think the thing that always strikes me first with Davinie's work is the stitching she does. Whether it's handstitching or machine's always perfect. And it always just finishes the page in just the right way. She also is a master at mixing up patterned papers in ways I never could and the details in her pages always wow me. They are subtle, but when I look closely, it's like I'm finding a little gem that I didn't notice at first glance. :) Here are a few of her pages dating from 2006...and like Nik's...I love them for the same reasons I love the ones today! The product styles may have changed a little, but the signature Davinie touches are still there.

I hope you all are enjoying this blog topic of looking back. :) Have a great weekend...more from Jenn tomorrow!

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