August 11, 2009

Where'd You Come From?

We're a little bit behind this week...but Nic and I thought it would be fun to show you that everyone evolves! That's right, we're going to pull out some of our very first pages, some of the other design team ladies' first pages and compare them to some recent pages and stylings. What do you think about that? :)

What the heck, I'll even go first. I'd been doing some paper/scissors/stickers stuff on and off since 1997--but when my busy baby boy came along, I'd basically given up on ever having enough space and time to really get into paper scrapbooking--in fact I hadn't touched anything related to scrapbooking in about 7 years. Somehow during a random web search, I came across something called digital scrapping...and ended up sharing the majority of my pages at a little Pea site. These are some of my very first digital pages:

After a few years a friend of mine was transitioning from digital to hybrid to paper and convinced me that I should, too. Suddenly, I had a massive amount of paper scrapping supplies and no idea what to do with them. I started browsing a lot of the challenge & kit club sites looking for ideas to incorporate into my pages.

In looking at some of my older pages I realize that there's still some things that I fall back on. I'm still pretty much a one picture kind of scrapper. I still have an affinity for straight lines and moment-telling. I still love bright, happy colors and big titles. Recently I find myself drawn to clusters of elements and tiny details, I've found that I love playing with paint and now reach for stamps more than ever before. Did I wake up and just suddenly decide to do these things? Of course's all a process of gathering tids and bits from other scrappers and outside inspiration.

So...remember--evolution happens in everything to everyone. You're not the only one that might have some pages from 'way back' that you don't love as much as your more recent pages--and that's ok! Embrace having captured the memory!


Brenda said...

I think they are sll awesome layouts....I really have came a long way I llok back at some of my older pages that I was so proud of and think wow I have grown so much as a scrapbooker.I have learned so much and gotten so much inspiration from other talented scrappers.

Emily Pitts said...

i'm thinking your early paper layouts are about where i'm at now. i love the sugar one :) i'm glad you moved more to paper, i LOVE your stuff!