October 27, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

Tuesday is Inspiration Day on the Studio Calico blog! This week when I was thinking about inspiration...I started getting all freaked out that I hardly thought about my kids costumes for this weekend. I know, "Bad Mommy." We've talked about Pippi Longstocking for my oldest, but I'm just not sure about the two youngest at all. I started looking through flickr.com for some inspiration. Here's some of my favorite finds:

I love this "paper pirate" idea. She mader herself a pirate costumes out of newspapers! Such a cute idea!!!

Okay, so none of my kids could pull off this costume, but HOW CUUUUUUTE IS IT?

Any fairy costumes are high on the the list of my 4 year old...or a princess. I love the autumn fairy crown...YUM!!

This is a do-able costume for my video game obsessed little buddy.

This is super easy, and I already have most of it at my house....hmmmmm.

Or really, we could just all go with swine flu chic ;)

Do YOU have any quick/easy ideas for me??


Christina said...

I love the mermaid! so cute!

Stephanie said...

Nancy Drew! Plaid skirt, magnifying glass and loafers ;)

Rebecca said...

Love them - we did Mario for our 12 year old last year, with stunning results! He even won a costume contest - and it was so easy!! He is going to be Luigi this year. : )

Jennifer Larson said...

Blues Brothers.

And not a suggestion, but I love that fairy. She's at the MN renaissance fair, and she always gives stuff to my boys. Truly magical.

rmeyfe said...

LOL my hubby is going as a crazy soccer coach tonight for cub scouts. He is wearing his shorts and volunteer soccer coach t-shirt from our actual soccer and then going to pull his socks up real high and look like a dork! It was easy and I didn't have to buy anything!

Erika said...

HA. check out mine. totally inappropriate!

Emily Pitts said...

that last pic frightens me.