October 3, 2009

A Twist on the DT Favorites

I was going through the design team gallery, trying to decide which ones were my favorite to post here. I was having a hard time, so I went directly to the sources and asked the DT members to tell me their personal favorite. Most of them responded, if they didn't, I was forced my favorite of their work.

Our October Guest Designer, Lisa Truesdell's favorite layout is Steadfast.
It turned out exactly how it looked in my head. i've held that pic for so long and those are sometimes the hardest pages for me to do, because i get so many preconceived notions of how i want it to look, rather than just going with the flow. but everything just came together and the colors of the kit suited that photo perfectly.

April's favorite layout this month was Kayaking.
I thought it was clever of me to type "Bowling Green, Kentucky" right on top of the Kentucky portion of the map.

Scarlet's favorite was Over the Rainbow.
As soon as i saw the rainbow paper, i knew that i wanted to cut out part of it and journal around it.

Davinie's favorite was Unplanned Harvest

The whole project was inspired by the event. We were sleeping in my stepmom's quilting room while we visited, and we picked fruit from the trees in her yard. As soon as I started snapping photos I knew what I was going to do and started creating the layout in my head. The quilt pattern was actually quite easy, fun, and has become addicting!

My personal favorite was Don't Forget 2 Pray
The misting actually worked this time! And the masking turned out exactly as I'd hoped, I even got to reuse the "p", turning it into the "d." I love that it's a message to my daughter, I don't often journal directly to someone.

Jenn says:

I guess I like my Happy Home layout...mostly because it is a little different for me. Then because I could put most of the things I hold dear all on one page. It started out a little differently in my mind, but I ended up liking the end version better than my imagined version.

Joy's was 2872. I think it's awesome because of the huge misted numbers and the fact that there are no pictures, yet the story is so very obvious!

Kelly said
Cars and Trucks is my favorite because it came together so quickly! I immediately saw those little red circles on the Sass paper as wheels and the little cars sparked from that idea. :)

Kirsty loved all of hers the same but picked her
1st day layout because of the way I used my envelope... just differently. I adore the happy stamp so I gave it an airing on that layout. The pencil paper was perfect, no? Good excuse to use that on y layout too. I cant say why i love it, but it just came together perfectly with the aeiou pattern and the pencil cut outs.

Maggie's favorite was Pumpkin Patch. I love it because of all the circles, and it looks like it was such a fun day!

Nicole's favorite was Life is a Test
because of the message...shocking for me, eh lol?!

Nicole's favorite was You Monsters. Here's why:

1. it actually turned out like it looked in my head. For once. LOL

2. We've been dealing with yucky behavior around here since school started up again. Mostly just due to getting readjusted to long days, etc. And journaling about my kids' inner beasts in a tongue in cheek sort of way was sort of cathartic, you know? It reminded me that for the most part they are all great kids and I'm so blessed. I'm willing to put up with some little monsters here and there if I need to! :)

Stephanie's loved Faking Fall. Reason being:
Ii love the way the colors all worked together and i think it really looks fun on the light background. I'm happy it gave me the opportunity to finally scrap these old pics of Harper. Plus I used my favorite color of paint, and that makes me happy.

Tina A. loved her Journey layout. I think the flowers peeking out from behind the picture are brilliant.

Finally, we have Tina C. and her elegant "A Note to My Son." I love that even though there is no journaling in view, you know this page is full of love.Tomorrow, we'll have our layouts based on the challenge for you, as well as the random winner. Both Lorie and I have been floored at the layouts this challenge produced. You guys went above and beyond! It's also fun to realize that we're not the only ones who hang onto the SC labels and tags. So thanks for playing along :)

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