October 6, 2009

Outside Inspiration: Magazines & Catalogs

I've been looking at lots of magazines lately and doing lots of online window-shopping. I love looking. I love taking in all the color combinations, the textures, the patterns. I also love people watching, but that's hard to do online, unless you're engaged in illegal or illicit behavior, that is.

Back to the subject at hand. In my perusing for fall clothing (of which I've bought nothing, sadly) and shopping for the farmhouse, I've run across a lot of interesting things.

Too bad most of those interesting things are in a binder with my friend who's an interior decorator :(

But, I salvaged a few items that I thought you might like.

A few weeks ago, a thread was started on the message board regarding holiday decorating. In the past, I haven't done much decorating besides a Christmas tree. I don't even put a wreath out, but I definitely want to get better at it. I loved the idea of keeping regular decorations simple. For instance, we're keeping all our basic furniture at the farmhouse, but instead of a loud and patterned bedspread, I bought a plain white quilt at Pottery Barn (on a very good sale, thank you very much!) and plan to accent with pillows for the seasons. This idea, I loved because it's just a plaid throw on the bed, but doesn't it make it look so much more fall-ish? Plus, plaid is in this year and I wonder if we'll be seeing it on any scrapbook papers, too.

As many of you know, Greg and I are remodeling our farmhouse. One of the items we're using is reclaimed beech barnwood. I just love the texture of wood, especially old wood and the stories it tells. Perhaps that's why I love woodgrain patterned paper so much....

The point is, wood is historic and it's here to stay, so I think I'm safe using as much woodgrain as possible on my scrapbook pages.

This ad came from an email from Anthropologie just a day or two ago. I love the colors and mix of patterns. It reminded me of the Cotillion kit a bit - am I just seeing things?

This piece of inspiration came from a magazine that Scarlet found. It's the opener to a section and we both loved the colors and circles, but most of all, we loved the font that "flavors" is written in.

Our challenge this week is to find some inspiration from a magazine, catalog, or ad and make a layout. Don't forget to also post the inspiration piece as well to be eligible for the $5 gift card drawing. You'll want to post to this thread on the message board to be eligible.

I've chosen one of these pieces as inspiration for my layout and I can't wait to show you! Can you guess which one?


Emily Pitts said...

love looking at what inspires others, thanks for sharing april!

Carol B said...

you have great taste!
(just be aware of old wood carrying woodlouse/carpenter beetle)

Kimberly said...

I am thinking, you chose the CIRCLE one! When I think of you scrapping, I think CIRCLES!

Karen said...

i love that bedroom....i would love to score a quilt on sale at pottery barn...my fave store!

{VICKI} said...


Kristyn G said...

I'm thinking you used the flavors page for inspiration.
BTW, if you didn't know-that font is Marcelle Script and can be downloaded from dafont.com for FREE! Love it too. Jessica Sprague introduced me to it and it is fabulous! (they have the swooshes too!)

scrapandthecity said...

i love that font "flavors" is in. its called marcelle i think. SC should make a stamp out of it. its great!!!