October 28, 2009

my marketplace favorites

So. Marketplace went live last night. I LOVED this kit. In fact, there was quite a bit of gushing from the design team over the November kit - and I think it shows. I love how each designer takes the kit and makes it her own, and it never fails that i sit and think "how did she think of THAT??" as I page through the gallery.

I was up for the reveal last night and did a quick peek through all the galleries, but saved my seriously browsing for this morning, once my big kids were off to school, I had a diet coke in hand, and I had convinced the littlest to watch Curious George. Something as important as picking my favorites takes concentration. ;)

First up, November's guest designer, Jen Jockish. I love the bright houses, and the simplicity of the color blocked bottom. The wee birdie perched on top of the photo is the perfect finishing touch.

This page from April just makes me happy. I love the stamping on the photo. I love the use of the negative from the Sassafras chipboard alphabet. I love the detail of the arrow and buttons. but for some reason, the way "love" is lined up and stitched along the top just makes my day.

The background. AH, the background. Love the negative stars, love that one's backed with the striped paper. The house and tree on the labels is the perfect finishing touch to Celine's layout.

That yummy May Arts ribbon against the veneer is a beautiful combination - and Davinie takes it another step by adding the border punched patterned paper underneath. Gorgeous. And she made those scarves! Too cool.

I loved Emily's brilliant use of the SC exclusive paper for her title - the stitching is divine. This is a beautiful, classic 2 pager, with all the right details. And Emily is too cool for pulling old pics from her files - I really need to do this, too.

I didn't think I was going to pick this one as my favorite - but the more I look at it, the more I know that it is. It's so soft, so pretty, and it just *feels* twirly. I love the lightness. Perfect.

Okay, I'll admit I giggled at the photo. It's nice to know I'm not the only one to whip out the camera when my toddler breaks out the tears. I love Joy's sweet photo against the calm, balanced background. The scattering of punched flowers is the perfect embellishment.

Oh, the PHOTOS. Love. So sweet, a daddy and his boy, just hanging out. I love the warm and cozy colors the Kelly pulled together to finish this off. She totally pulled the feeling from the photos into the rest of the page.

I went back and forth on a favorite for Kirsty - but in the end, this one won. I LOVE how she used the sewing machine. LOVE. And then the little scattering of embellishments near the title did me in, and I had to pick this one.

Those photos!! And the way Maggie cut the SC exclusive paper. Brilliant. Add in the scattering of yellow hearts and the yellow flower at the bottom and I'm in love.

I'm a sucker for circles. I love how Nicole H layered the border punched strips and alphabet border stamp over the circles. And the subject matter is just awesome, along with the photos.

I loved this mini from Nicole S, our new mama of 4. So much texture and color, and every page is perfectly finished. The leaf transparency layered over the veneer is divine.

I adore how Stephanie has kept up with monthly layouts as Sadie grows - I really wish I'd been better about this! These photos totally capture that toddler spunk, and the Sassafras flowers are a wonderful pop of color to her calm color scheme.

I love the layering of the photos, and I love the little grouping of bits and pieces. The journaling is beautiful, and I love how the colorblocked background balances out all of the funky embellishments near the photo.

I still have lots of November's kit left, and now that I've gone through the gallery, I'm totally inspired to play with it some more. And i *really* can't wait till it's in all of your hands, so that I can be inspired by you as well. =)


Christina said...

the ladies knock it out of the park!! lots of inspo!!

Lola said...

whouaou ! Superbes !

Kimberly said...

Cannot wait to get my kit for sure!

Kristin said...

There will be tons of lifting from these pages you showed us! Lovely work ladies!! THANKS!

Kristin said...

There will be tons of lifting from these pages you showed us! Lovely work ladies!! THANKS!

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